Monday, January 02, 2012

One Bad Night

I don't know what is going on but it seems I have a real indigestion/stomach issue. If I drink coffee I pay dearly but now even food is doing it to me. I have what taste like sulfur belches and went to search that on the internet. It says that can be an indication of a duodenal ulcer. I am on another medication that can cause ulcers also.
Last night I had a salad with chicken breast in it for dinner. The pain/discomfort began around 9 o'clock and I couldn't sleep. When I tried to lay down the acid was coming up my throat and I was getting nauseous. Finally, I was so desperate that I called the drug company's nurse and asked her. She told me to try Tums and it worked. Mind you, I would have tried that on my own but you have to clear anything you take over the counter with them. The drug can interact with herbs and OTC meds and you can have serious problems. I finally conked out about three a.m. and slept until noon. My dear husband was off today but got up at 7 a.m. to care for the pets so I could sleep in. I feel so badly at how much this illness impacts his life. I have been on this medication for three weeks now. I have never had so many side effects from any drug I have ever taken as this one. I have no choice. I am battling to get the pressure in my lungs/heart under control. People can't see those organs or the nausea and want to tell you look great. I appreciate that but they should only know. Somedays I am just tired and miserable from the side effects. I hope and pray it will get better soon. I think it will.
Happy New Year!



You are going through so much with this new medication. Seems to be alot of side effects you have to deal with. But if it gets the pressure in your heart and lungs down, then that's something to be thankful for in the New Year. Can you take Pepcid Complete for your heartburn? Find out. I swear one pill does the trick. Your hubby is a good guy. He married you cause he loved you. That's why he's there for you. Being sick isn't your fault. He knows that. Rest and take care. It's all you can do when you feel so bad. I went back to bed for half the afternoon today. My knees were so bad, tears were running down my face from the pain. I couldn't take anymore. I'm still holding out hope that this will become a good year for us, my friend. So hang in there.

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