Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Big Surprise

Today I saw the mailcarrier walk up to my door with what looked like a delivery from Omaha steaks. Just as my chops were watering I saw that it said "FRAGILE" all over it and knew it had to be something else. A girl I have known since I was 9 years old sent me a big package filled with gifts. Her birthday is Nov. 26th, often Thanksgiving Day and some bad things happened all that day. She chose not to celebrate. I knew that noone, including her husband, would acknowledge it and I sent her a package that arrived the day before with a birthday and Christmas gift. It turns out it made her birthday happy again and she said it was her best Christmas ever. When she called me, I told her Rob and I had been gifted money by our Moms and aunts but it had been used for Rob's car repair other than a purse for me and paints for Rob and a few other things he wanted. Under my tree I had a few things from him and a small box of candy from my neighbor across the street. It was a lean year. This friend snapped into action to fill the box with things that I would really like. She even threw in a few things for Rob. She gave me a beautiful satin nightgown with the matching robe, bath gel, lotion and perfume in a Jasmine scent (really pretty), a Thomas Kinkaid winter house that lights up, a winter jacket, earmuffs, mittens and a beautiful plate with a stand that says "Flowers Feed the Soul". It felt more like Christmas today than the actual day and it was so exciting. I'm not a materialistic person and she went overboard but the thought in what she did, and the time it took her to shop and wrap and package it all, was what I truly appreciate. She is not well herself and works part time.

I have been waiting home all day for the delivery of my medicine. It is sent UPS and I have to be here to get it since it's so expensive. Yesterday I was up early to go see my cardiologist and that became a bit stressful which I will talk about in the PH blog. Right now, I feel very special and very cared for. It just doesn't get any better than that. :) Thank you Dee. ( Pictured at top. )


alphawoman said...

A package in the mail is always such a treat! Your friend sounds like the best.


Your story reminded me... Years ago I was alone, broke and wallowing in self pity on Thanksgiving Day. A GOOD friend called to see how I was and I told her, miserable. An hour later, she and her fiance arrived at my front door with a turkey and all the trimmings, including dessert. It turned into the best day ever. One I'll always treasure. Like yours was when you opened that box. Your friend's gesture was PRICELESS. She's the GREATEST. I'm glad you finally had the Christmas you missed.