Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh Mama

I have been so busy shopping for and planning my mother's birthday celebration. Weather permitting, all five of her children and her only sister will be there. I am excited. I am making a large tray of baked ziti that morning and doing a huge salad, picking up helium balloons and setting up a buffet at her home. (My house is too little to accomodate 14 adults and a few little guys.) I have her gift basket too. She loves this author whose books are no longer printed and we did a search on Amazon. Com and I found her four that she wanted. They are in a big basket with some great snacks, candy and a wonderful new tall mug for her Keurig. It's hard to believe she can be turning 80. When my father died, I realized that one day my mother would be gone too. For those of you who have lost one parent, I know you understand. She has slipped in her mind more than in her body, but she is aging. Yesterday she took two doses of all her meds. She was really concerned. Dad's hospice aide, Tom came over and assured she would be okay. I went and spent the day there and we ordered dinner so when we left she had stew I had made, a large chef salad and chicken parm in her fridge for the next day or so. We also made a huge fire in her woodstove. Will probably go over later this afternoon and make sure another fire is going. I can't carry or lift the wood but she can and I do the rest.
My ulcer is really painful these days. I am taking Prilosec and am restricted with the PH med as to what I can take. Everything I put in my mouth gives me heartburn.

There is a lot going on in my family right now. Since my Dad died the family dynamics have been topsy turvy. I don't want to get into it, but it's difficult. One of my siblings came to my house feeling "out of the loop" and I tried to expalin that we are ALL feeling that way. I went on to say that with all my health issues, the family dramas are NOT my top priority right now.
Well, this is short but I need a long, hot shower. Not feeling so great today. It's noon and I am still not showered or dressed.


Ronni Gordon said...

Sounds like a lot of good food. I would love to come over and eat some of it! Glad you are focusing on a happy occasion.


I'm so excited for you and your mom. It sounds like everything is coming together. You've done a terrific job. I hope it is a WONDERFUL celebration. My Dad has a big birthday in Feb, but I've been given strict instructions, no party, visits or gifts etc. So we'll gather what family is here put on party hats and Skype him with birthday greetings. Take care. PS) I'm having heartburn too. Going to have to get it checked out, it's getting bothersome. Hope you find something to make yours more tolerable.