Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tummy Troubles

This past week has been dealing with stomach/intestinal issues. On Monday I went to rehab but came home not feeling well. I had Chinese food for dinner and by eleven p.m. thought I had a stomach virus. I spent hours that night in the bathroom with the food fleeing in all directions.
On Tuesday I woke up feeling queasy still and had a light meal of toast and tea. For dinner I had jello and I was okay that night. Wednesday I woke up again feeling queasy and in fact had to cancel rehab. They ask you not to come if you are sick as you shouldn't be pushing yourself and for the safety of their other clients (patients.) Another day of light fare and by eleven p.m. I was once again on the bathroom floor becoming violently ill. I rested Thursday but had to be home for an oxygen delivery so couldn't go to the doctor that day. On Friday I finally made it there where they prescribed zofran. I didn't know it came in pills. They put me on it for 48 hours to see if it's just the residual stomach virus and now gastroenteritis due to the irritation. I hope that's all it is. The zofran makes you (or at least me) lightheaded if I move around and sleepy.
I was okay Friday and Saturday nights with the med. With any luck, it's now over but I have never been so violently ill before. If I get sick again they will have to run tests to make sure it's not something serious. I have a kidney doctor who is managing my fluid and meds and found that I have a kidney with many large cysts in it. I am so hoping this has nothing to do with that.
Other than that.....things have been good. We went out to dinner with my family on Thursday night. (I managed to pick and eat a spoon of this and bite of pasta.) The stone is in and just lovely. We had the dog groomed and he looks so handsome. He actually enjoys it! He has seen the same groomer for years who has always realized he is a shy animal and she is so gentle. They pulled out the remains of his winter coat, the under coat. Being in air conditioning all summer he didn't lose most of it and we had to keep brushing him.
Rob is doing some jobs around the house today. Small things but things that just had to be done. We got a surprise of several inches of snow yesterday! It's starting to melt now. Snow before Halloween sure feels strange. I am expecting about 100 or more treaters and I have the goods ready for them. I love Halloween but since my decorations have been up three weeks I will be glad to pack them away on Tuesday. I still need to switch out my summer/winter clothes. Maybe I'll start that today. Oh poor Rob.



Sorry to hear about your minor setback. Those intestinal problems are going around. Are you sure it wasn't food poisoning, though? Last year I got a flu shot but had the worst case of flu I ever had in my whole life. It was gut wrenching, so I understand how you must have felt this past week. Glad to hear your dad's headstone is in place. It is comforting, I know. I did not know you had a dog. Getting groomed is a treat so he must be one handsome dude, now. Yep that pesky snow arrived just in time to spoil Halloween. Hope the little ghosts and goblins get to Trick or Treat anyway. Take care. Feel Better.

alphawoman said...

Thinking about you. Sorry to hear about your tummy problems.

Virginia said...

Food poisoning, if that's what it was, can be brutal. I hope you are far past it now.