Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting Set for Rehab

I got my reports from the stress test and echo. To be honest, somethings were great to hear and one was not but I'm not prepared to think about it let alone talk about it now. I have four more months for my heart to heal and I am going to stay positive in my expectations. The tests showed I am strong enough to start cardiac rehab. I had to go one week for the interview (which I did on Monday) and next Monday I have some orientation scheduled where they will have me putting on my electrical wires and actually doing a few minutes of exercise. They watch the monitors the entire time you are exerting yourself to make sure it's not too much. Needless to say, I will be one of the youngest people there. The sessions will be 18 to 36 depending on what the doctor feels is necessary. I wasn't feeling well the day of the interview and came home worrying about it. The nurse who listened to my heart told me she heard a wheeze in my left lung (I had heard it the night before) and I nearly cried. The pneumonias have always started this way. When I got home I was dizzy and just sat when I noticed I was developing a sore throat and suddenly needed to use the bathroom. It must have been a bug. I moved my flu shot which had been scheduled for Tuesday to Friday afternoon instead. My pain situation is better. During the day if I do nothing I am fine. Of course, I need to be moving and doing small things but the pain is tolerable. At night the pain is a bigger problem. Sleeping on my stomach hurts and sleeping on my side hurts. I have no pain if I lay flat on my back but unfortunately it is nearly impossible for me to sleep in this position. My CPAP mask needs replacing but I see the lung doctor in ten days and want to wait for her to see if she can find me a better fitting mask. It now seems too big.

I am starting to look through bins in my garage to see what things I had picked up over the year for Christmas. Each year I pick up things I know someone will like when I find them instead of waiting for the last hectic minute and buying things that they really don't want. My one brother and his wife are not exchanging this year so that's two less gifts to buy. I feel awkward about it but money is tight for me. I have bought some clothing items for my husband and son but need some things that will make their eyes light up.

Each morning I wake up and tear up with gratitude that I am still here. It's been really rough at times but Rob is always here cheering me on. One of my friends I hadn't seen in a long time calls nearly everyday now to check on me or offer to help in anyway she can. I rarely take her up on it but the thoughtfulness of her gesture means so very much. My family has been much more supportive with this surgery too. I have so much to be grateful for. What are you grateful for?

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Focus on the positive things said in the reports. Rehab should be good for you, in the long run. I hope you don't get pneumonĂ­a again. I feel so bad that you are so uncomfortable trying to find a position to sleep in. I understand your frustration. I have a similar problem because of my knees. I also hear what you're saying about Christmas. It's going to be a smaller one for alot of people this year. I'm glad you have a good friend who is there for you. Just knowing that is comforting. Take care of yourself.