Friday, October 14, 2011

At last....Autumn :)

Oh how I love the fall and always have. I am in my element and the peak of my being in the fall. I anticipate the cool mornings when one needs a sweater and the crispness of the new crop of apples which have been locally grown. I become giddy selecting the Halloween candy that I know will delight all the neighborhood goblins (I usually have over a hundred) and I never give the cheap stuff noone wants. I remember the joys of growing up in a subdivision where we had hundreds of houses to trick or treat at. What fun. I miss being able to take my child out or to get a costume. Most of his costumes were made by a previous neighbor for her children and they were wonderful. They got passed on to my niece, Julie. I get so excited as the night approaches although I do get worn out keeping a barking dog under control while dispensing treats. The dog has a little cape he wears that says "King of the HoundDogs" and is bejeweled. He doesn't mind.

When Halloween is over and the decorations are put away I bring out the Thanksgiving decorations. This includes the salt and pepper turkey shakers that were my grandmothers but she gave to me about forty years ago. There are also some turkey candle holders and carved wooden pumpkins. I cook most Thanksgivings. I love Thanksgiving. It's a day to reflect on so many things and I do. We use the good china and silver and glassware that day. The pies will all be homemade and sometime in the afternoon we will all take a nap. The last few years my sister and I prepared dinner at my mother's because Dad couldn't be moved. This year they can come here again. Dad's birthday is Oct. 27th and he has a beautiful fall wreath on his grave that has a ribbon that says "Dad". We expect his stone to be delivered in the next ten days. Dad will be missed but I am grateful that his suffering is over.

The day after Thanksgiving people begin shopping for Christmas. I shop all year but the day after Thanksgiving is when my Christmas cards get addressed and mailed. They are already purchased. I love Christmas. It's not the gifts (although I do love a good surprise now and again.) It's that people are all in good cheer and showing and giving love. I love the spirit of giving. This year funds will be low and gifts will be more modest (except for my Mom who needs extra TLC right now) but the smallest gifts can be giving with great love. I guess Christmas is winter but fall is the season where we are preparing for it. I love the hustle and bustle of the season. It's also the time I bake lots of cookies. I often have Christmas dinner here too. It's the only time I wish I had a bigger house. When we downsized we have an eat in kitchen but no dining room. The rest of the year we have plenty of room though.

As you drive along and see the leaves think of this as the season of gratitude.

Today, October 14th, marks two years that my grandmother left us. Of all the many wonderful people in my life, my grandmother is at the top of the list. I strive to be like her (although I often fall short.) She lived in a very modest home but anyone who came to her door would receive a wonderful meal which she threw together in minutes. She was a marvelous cook and baker. She could soothe any problem you had by listening intently and trying to find something positive in it. Everyone in her life felt they had a special relationship with her. They did. She gave each person what they needed. When she learned she had breast cancer she didn't tell her family. She refused treatment because of her age and the doctor told her it was not going to advance quickly. The doctor was wrong and by the time she realized how bad it was, there was nothing that could be done to stop it. That was so typical of her not telling us so we wouldn't worry and she was living alone at that time and going through this by herself until she had to tell us. She was SELFLESS.

There was nothing bad that could have been said about her. That's what impressed me so. At her funeral there were only words of how much she had done, helped and loved others. How wonderful was that?

Clara Virginia Wolfe Cosgrave I am so very grateful to have had the priviledge of being your grandchild and your memory will love on in my heart until the day I leave this world and hope to meet you again in another.

I thank God for you.



I too take pleasure in simple things.I share your passion for the autumn season and the holidays that go with it. So many family traditions that bring comfort are unwrapped at this time of year. And the memories of those we've lost are brought forward, as the leaves change color, so we can relive all those precious moments we shared. ENJOY! Your days and nights heading into winter. Take care.

Missie said...

I haven't even decorated for Halloween this year. It's just not the same without little ones around. I miss it....