Friday, October 21, 2011


Yesterday I saw my lung doctor. I took her a beautiful flower arrangement that the florist let me pick the flowers for. Flowers always cheer me and she loved them. It just happened to be her anniversary too. She said my lungs sounded clear yesterday and was happy with my chest x ray. Baby steps. I have to have a new mask for the Cpap as the weight loss has effected everything. I will also have another sleep apnea test to see if that was altered as well.

Today was my third day at rehab. I am so tired when I come home but they work me. I didn't check the treadmill and it was on a 6 incline and I did my five minutes on it. At some point they told me to slow it down as I was working too hard. Since I was only going 1.4 miles an hour this was puzzling until the nurse figured out the incline thing.

The weather has been bad with all the rain. Wednesday there were high winds and after coming home from rehab I sat down to rest. I heard a loud noise and went to see what had happened. The umbrella was out of the patio table and the glass from the table top was shattered and everywhere. I had to wait for Rob to get home to clean it up (of course he worked overtime that evening.) The next day my mother came with a shop vac and we vacumned up the little pieces you just couldn't get with the broom.

My Dad's stone is in but at the place. The cemetery hasn't poured the foundation yet. Thursday will be his birthday and we are having a family gathering and going out to dinner. I think my mother is doing a little better. Today she went to lunch with one friend and then later went to someone else's house to see her dining room and take home the pumpkin bread Helen made her. We all need friends. Speaking of which, some of my friends (and former coworkers) want to come and see me. I have really missed a few of them. Something to look forward to.


Ronni Gordon said...

Things sound like they're going in the right direction, which is great. And yes, flowers are so special. Glad your doctor liked them.


What a lovely thing to do for your doctor. Sounds like your health is coming along slowly but surely. It's nice some of your co-workers want to stop by for a visit. That will certainly lift your spirits. It's a shame your table got shattered in the storm. Hopefully it won't be hard to replace. Some places here are still having summer clearance at drastically reduced prices. Maybe you can find something there. I know you'll be happy when your dad's headstone is finally in place. Your gathering for his birthday will be special, indeed. Take care.