Monday, November 07, 2011

Too Much Going On

I don't know where to begin. The past two weeks have been filled with going to cardiac rehab when I am able to, doctor visits, lab visits and a three night home sleep test. The stomach/intestinal issues that started two weeks ago are still with me unfortunately. I have not had a meal or anything other than bland food since then. The stomach medicine works well in controlling the acid that was out of control prior to me taking it. Much better than previcid. If I feel nausea I have the Zofran which I have to take. My lung doctor had told me I would be hearing from a company which would be sending me a three night sleep study. This is a result of the surgery and weight loss possibly eliminating or lessening my sleep apnea. I sleep with a machine every night for it. Oxygen is bled into the machine and I get quality sleep. Losing over thirty pounds and/or heart surgery can change the severity of the apnea so a new test was necessary to determine what setting the machine should be on. Normally one goes to a sleep center (which I did last Fall.) Mine was like a nice hotel room and other than them constantly waking me to have me try different masks, it wasn't a bad experience. The home test takes three nights and if you have to go to the bathroom you have to release yourself from the machine. You are sleeping with something under your nose yet partially covering your mouth, a tube around your center and a finger oxygen monitor. You are closely tethered to the electrical unit and if you move the wrong way it talks to you which wakes you up. Not an ideal way to sleep. I was so ill Saturday night that I had to give up but then I managed to do it Sunday night. They need you to sleep at least four hours per night for the test. Today UPS is slated to come pick the box up and return it to the company. I have accumulated so many pieces of medical equipment the past two years. A huge liquid oxygen unit sits in my living room.

Last week I learned that an acquaintance from many years ago (a former pastor) had a valve replacement surgery. He was doing well and left the hospital and passed away last week. Rob lost an elderly aunt and my neighbor's mother (who lives with her) lost her partner of twenty-five years. My grandmother always said you lose people in threes.

There is much going on with trying to figure out our finances here. Rob is working a lot of overtime these days. Losing an income is hard. Had I been fired I would have been able to get unemployment for up to two years but because I am unable to work physically, I'm not eligible. I am trying to straighten up today. Trying to think of something for Rob for dinner. Something I have here. Time to search the freezer I guess.
Have a good week.

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It's good to see you back blogging. I missed you. You poor thing. If it's not one thing, it's something else with your health. Just terrible you're still having intestinal problems. Keep doing what the doc says. All you can do. Your body is fighting to get back to normal. My husband has a leaky heart valve. His doc has a wait and see attitude. Said it's not serious enough to operate on yet? Couple that with his COPD and he's not feeling good most days either. They want him to do a sleep clinic too. I didn't know you could do it at home. Very interesting. I know how hard it is to lose an income you were counting on. It makes it so-oo hard to get by. But somehow you manage. Your grandmother is right. It's been my experience to see people pass in threes. I wonder why? Hang in there. Take care.