Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Saga Continues

On Monday I went back to Philly to see the cardiologist there. I also had an echo done. Without going into a lot of details the bottom line is that I still have pulmonary hypertension. It's hardly improved as a result of the surgery (although thankfully the valves are working perfectly.) The doctors and I had hoped that was the cause. Sadly, it wasn't and the problem persists. My heart will not be able to sustain the pressure without something happening ( I could not bring myself to ask just what might happen. That is so unlike me but I could tell by the doctor's demeanor that this was very serious.) As a result of the echo results, I need another heart catherization. I need a cardiologist brought on board (number 3) who knows all about the drugs used to get the pressure down and hopefully manage the problem. To say I'm depressed is an understatement. It's all I can do to drag myself out of bed and to cardiac rehab. I also have a small amount of fluid IN my right lung. Usually it is outside of the lung. This means if I come in contact with bacteria of certain types it might become pneumonia. I am trying to veg out and not let this overtake my thoughts.

I am having my mother, sister and son here with us for Thanksgiving. I am insisting that I do this because I welcome the distraction. The doctors office just called and wanted to schedule the procedure but I told them that the doctor first had to decide if he wanted me in the hospital when the new drugs are administered or it would be a one day procedure. In any event, the artery is cut and you have to be really low key for weeks. Not sure if I will be able to continue with cardiac rehab then.

That's just the news. It's rainy and dismal here today as it was yesterday. Just what I needed. I just need a few days to process all of this and get myself back to the place where I normally am knowing that I have overcome many obstacles in the past. I'm tough but that doesn't mean I don't have fears and feelings. I will get through this.



Nelle I am so sorry to hear you still have pulmonary hypertension and need a catherization. It seems you have no alternative. What can you do? This thing has gotten hold of you and won't let go. My husband is really sick right now. His breathing problems with COPD have taken a turn for the worst. He was scheduled for a catherization, but cardiologist canceled it. His heart rate is dangerously low and doc determined my hubby needs a pacemaker, first. He also has a leaky mitral valve. So I know how depressing this stuff can be. BE STRONG. HANG TOUGH. And somehow you will get through it. You will be in my prayers. Try to have a good Thanksgiving. Family means everything at times like these.

Ronni Gordon said...

Gheesh. What a drag! Well, as you said, you have gotten through many things, and you'll get through this too. Hope you let people help you out at Thanksgiving and I hope you have a good one.

Virginia said...

I am so very sorry to hear you have a set back. You have certainly gone through far more than your share already. I have always been amazed, that with all you have dealt with, how you always keep a positive attitude. Very few people could do what you do. I hope your doctors can produce a very positive outcome. We are all cheering for you.

Missie said...

You sure have gone thru the wringer my friend. Sorry I haven't gotten here sooner. You know what's been go in my world thru FB. I just learned that blogger now offers an email feed for your sidebar. If you add it to your blog, I'll get your posts directly to my inbox. I just can't get to my reader often enough anymore to stay caught up. Have a good weekend.