Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Doctor Visit and Decisions to be Made

Today I have an appointment with the infectious disesase doctor(s). They are the ones who decide what tests get done, and what antibiotics I should be taking. They are also the ones to evaluate the tests and determine what is going on. I have a complicated and difficult case. They have never been able to culture the bacteria that has caused my problems.
They know it's there based on the four bouts of pneumonia it has caused, the fevers and they vegetation the test showed on one of my heart valves last November. The problem is there are so many things it could be. Last time the infectious disease doctor came to the decision it was staph and had me on vancomyacin for six weeks intravenously. Since this pneumonia appears to be a relapse of that, they are thinking that was not the drug Ineeded. Problem is, again they have not been able to culture it. In the hospital I was on five different antibiotics for a week. The pneumonia responded quickly to it. I came on on two of them and today they have to decide whether to continue with these, change them or stop to try to get a blood culture showing something. This is not an exact science without the information they need.

My rib and back areas are so painful. About a month of continuous coughing which has not all but stopped. I had to call the doctor and get something for the pain yesterday. I had a better night but hubby was unable to sleep and woke me up a few times. Once I am awake I am aware of the pain and it takes time to drift off again. Good news is he was too tired to go to work and will be available to drive me to the new doctor's. Have not been to the office although I have an idea of the general area. I am hoping for answers, but the reality is the answers may be awhile coming. Sometimes you just have a bad year where you are sick a lot and those illnesses are not related (this was said by the lung doctor.) I know that my body cannot continue to recover my major illnesses just months apart. I am hoping they will find something that they can work on. I want to get back to my friends, my job and seeing family. Oh....and shopping. lol


Virginia said...

Sending you wishes for a quick recovery! So sorry to hear you are sick again. You are certainly having a rough time!

Peace, Virginia


You do have a complicated case. You have been through so much and probably more to come. Hopefully it will all end on a positive note with some noticable improvement. Meanwhile, all you can do is to continue to hang in there. You'll be in my thoughts.