Monday, April 26, 2010

Another lapse of work

It's official....I am out of work on temporary disability again. Until July 1st. This is so disheartening for me, even though I know it's necessary. I should be building up social security benefits and such, getting my full, not partial salary. When I return to work, I will owe them for all the benefit copays that are not being taken out of my paychecks in the months I am out. I am someone who would much rather be at work than out on disability. Still, I realize that my body just cannot do it today. I was supposed to report this morning for jury duty. My doctor faxed a latter over and I have not been able to get confirmation via phone that they received it. Just another thing to worry about...or not.

My aunt and cousin came to visit my mother over the weekend. I got to visit about an hour with my cousin and sister and a bit less time with my aunt. I am not really up to company right now. After an hour my mind wanders off and it feels like work to try to stay focused enough to participate in a conversation. I fall asleep so easily and when I can, I just want to slip away. My muscles are in a lot of pain from being strained from the coughing bouts. My back hurts also.
Well, time for a brief nap. I did make it to the hospital for a blood test this morning, actually ran into the Walmart across the street for a few minutes, came home gave myself my IV and now I am ready to kick back.


Aine Butler-Smith said...

Rest and take care of yourself, hope you are feeling better and stronger soon.


Don't pressure yourself to do more than you can. During this time off... just rest, regain your strength and let the bad stuff slip away.