Friday, April 09, 2010

And the fourth time in ten months................

Yesterday I went down fast and hard. Previous days had me feeling semi alright until about dinner time. My fever began about eight, broke during the night and the daytimes were better. Until yesterday. Yesterday I woke up feeling poorly and called and left a message for my doctor who has seen me twice in the past ten days. My fever started by 1 p.m. and was rising rapidly and I felt horrible. After waiting for hours and not receiving a call back, when Rob arrived home I told him I needed to go the ER. (I never am willing to go to the ER unless I fell I am in real jeopardy so Rob knew I was not good. We arrived there at six p.m. and they made me wear a mask. Hard enough to breathe without the mask but I am usually an easy patient. I got back into the room within an hour and they were drawing blood (cultures as well) and sending me for another chest xray. The doctor saw me coughing up stuff and took a sample of that as well. It turns out that once again I have a pneumonia. This one is in my right lung where all the trouble started to begin with. In the same spot. The blood counts showed an infection and the number had increased a few thousand since earlier in the week. That's not terrible. I was given a prescription for antibiotics and sent on my way. My doctor had returned my call about SEVEN p.m. leaving a number where I could call her. I think I need a new doctor. I am going to start looking. She knew that I was really sick and I have a big problem with her waiting six hours to return the call. Am I being too hard on her?
When I spoke to the girl at her office I explained that I needed to speak with the doctor. Could it be the person relaying the message didn't do it clearly or promptly? When I was there on Tuesday, the doctor told me someone would come to take my blood work in a few minutes. About half an hour later I left the room and tried to find someone. The office was nearly empty and they had no idea I was waiting in that room. (Mind you, after the blood work was taken I was going to the hospital for a chest x ray.) The doctor had left for the day. If I were not so sick, it wouldn't be a big deal but I feel I am seeing a pattern of inconsideration and/or disorganization. Please tell me, am I over reacting?
Thank you all for your good wishes. I am hoping that once I get this knocked out it will be an easy Spring.
One thing that looms is the possibility that the heart valve infection is still there and causing yet another sickness. It will take time and patience to find out.
Rob went yesterday and picked up our tax forms. I am getting a refund. That will compensate me for the three and a half sick days I just took which will be unpaid.



So sorry to hear you have pneumonia, again. Please take care. Glad you got yourself to the hospital, as quickly as you did, to find out, so you could get help. I do NOT think you are overeacting about your doctor. Given your condition when she last saw you and your past medical history, she should have responded much sooner than 6 hours. No EXCUSE for it, in my opinion.

Virginia said...

Tell the doctor exactly why you do not believe you are being taken care of. If you are not heard, if they do not acknowledge a problem with your care and commit to fixing thier mistakes, find a new doctor immediatley. Doctors and the staff at doctor's offices all too often forget that they work for us, we do not work for them. And if you are not being heard by a doctor, dump them. (Can you tell I have an opinion?)

So sorry you are so sick.


alphawoman said...

Oh My God! Poor baby.

Missie said...

Oh no! Not again! Saying prayers for you.