Sunday, October 11, 2009

Serenity Now

I am a huge fan of Seinfeld and if you are too you will get the title.
This weekend my sister came into town and I was so excited she was coming. Unfortunately, my brother's wife also decided to pick this weekend to stay at my mother's. The real rub is that SHE never called my mother, she had my brother TELL my mother she would be staying there. My mother immediately told my brother "this is NOT a good time for her to come." My brother said he passed that message on but she still came. (She has not spoken to my mother in months) My brother couldn't give my mother any details. My mother, who has been dealing with my father and my recent illness and her mother being in hospice care is on maximum overload. Said sister-in-law did not give my mother any agenda and showed up Friday night to sleep there. My mother who never has a bad or confrontational word for anyone has cried more tears over her frustration in dealing with this. She is very frustrated with my brother for allowing his wife to do this. We have been waiting daily to hear that my grandmother has gone. My sister who always looks forward to the time with my parents, and time with me has had to endure this visit as well. My sister had surgery about a month ago and is not 100% herself. You have to wonder why someone would impose themself on people under stress. I guess they just want their own way and don't care how they inconvenience others.

My mouth sores have sufficiently healed so that I am down to two remaining. Yesterday I was actually able to eat a meal! I had made some London broil and was able to slice it paper thin and have it with some gravy. It was pure heaven. I also enjoyed a few crackers with cream cheese and olives. The most troublesome of the sores is on the top tip of my tongue. It was the first and will be the last to heal I think. The thrush has cleared up nicely. My wheezing is infrequent now and I am deffinitely getting stronger...finally. I am far from the normal me. My legs still feel weak. I have lost over ten pounds in the past few weeks. I am still weaning off the steroids and have boughts of emotional or moodiness though they quickly pass. I am hoping my white count is dropping. I have not had a lot of sleep the past two nights. I have been up since 5 a.m. when a neighbor's car alarm went off. Yesterday I was up at 6 a.m. and that was the first day since I came home from the hospital that I didn't have a nap all day. The phone rang at least twenty times yesterday.
My beautiful Fall is here. I am so happy so have the brisk morning air. We have some Halloween decorations out. Not decorating like I used to. I live in a development and will have about one hundred trick or treaters. Most start about 4 p.m. when I am still at work. I already have treats purchased and waiting for my little goblins. I must say that these children are so polite it is a joy to see them.
Lately I have been keenly aware of manners and the lack thereof. Certain visitors to my mother's house are really annoying me. They don't call first, they just show up. My father is on a regminented schedule. They come at his mealtimes (or ours) and stare while you are trying to eat dinner which often then gets abruptly halted. Do people possibly think this can be appreciated? I made THREE attempts to visit with my Dad when people showed up, unexpectedly and stayed. I would never a. drop in on someone or their family without the courtesy of a phone call or b. drop in empty handed at meal time (several of his visitors do this as well.) Each time I left, not wanting to be near people I don't know are not sick. These are not young kids either. In fact, several are senior citizens. Sorry I will now put my soapbox away. I just hate illmannered people.

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Ronni Gordon said...

I like the headline, and yes, I get it. Sorry about all the ill-mannered people. Hope you find some serenity soon.