Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A brighter day

I am finally starting to get better. The sores in my mother have lessened. I still have some. The ones that are most problematic are in my throat now. My tongue is finally so that I can eat. There is some discomfort but after losing eight pounds over the past two weeks I can finally eat something and it doesn't all taste like chalk. Woohoo.
I am still very tired. My blood tests show my white count is still quite elevated. I am to be resting the next few weeks. I am being weaned off the high doses of steroids that were first iv, then oral. I am continuing to use two steroid inhalers and will have to for a while. For the most part I am not wheezing but there are times where I still am. The doctor is disappointed in that. When I lay in bed at night it;s the worst. The inhalers help but they cause bad tachycardia for me which is especailly troublesome when trying to sleep. Do I ever sleep. I have never in my life slept this much. If I sit still for ten minutes I nod off. I nap throughout the day. Twice I have gone to the grocery store in the past few days. It is very difficult to have the energy to get a dozen or so items. When I am home and put them away I must take a nap. I am not used to this. Today for the first time in nearly a month I was able to go visit with my Dad. His speech and confusion seems even worse. At least I got to spend about an hour with him before having to come home. Not sure how long this huge energy issue will last. I am hoping that when I have my next blood work done on the 19th that the white count will be significantly reduced and my energy returned. Coming off the steroids makes me feel strange at times. I have gotten highly agitated over minor things which is not like me at all.
I am going to see what's on TV and then call it an early night, as I usually do.
My Fall is here and I am loving the cool evening breezes. Sitting here with the window open and soaking it up.

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alphawoman said...

I am glad you are feeling better. I am so sorry that I have been out of the picture for awile and will read and see what is going on with you.