Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Autumn Has Arrived

Yesterday I decided to run out to the local grocery store for a few items. I wore my leather clogs and once my feet hit the outside air a chill swept through my entire body. I had a jeans jacket on over a sweater but even with the heat on in the car, I was not warm. I quickly moved up and down the aisles and got back home so I could put on the thickest, warmest socks I could find. What a great feeling to have your cold feet warmed up. It is really cool and not very sunny today.

My mouth has improved greatly which has brightened my outlook. I feel shakey and it is difficult to write with a pen. I have to assume that is steroid related. I am still using two inhalers that contain steroids but I finally ended the pills.
Last evening I received a call from my cardiologist office. I had an appointment and with all else going on I had forgotten. They rescheduled for next month and were very understanding. I need to call the dentist and see if he can squeeze me in. I am a few months overdue and now want to be certain that my mouth is in good order. I get my teeth cleaned three times a year per doctor's orders.
Last night I had a nice meal ready when Rob got home. Haven't done that in a very long time. Usually he is home two hours earlier than I am. He worked an hour overtime which gave me longer to prepare. I made a delicious mac and cheese with smoked sausage in it. I make it the old fashioned way, using a white sauce that I make. Yes, I know, not very healthy but very tasty.
I made an extra and he delivered it to my parents. Tonight I am thinking I might make chicken marsala. Haven't had that in a long time. I really enjoy cooking when I have time. When I am working that usually means weekends only. I am hoping I will be going back to work rested this time. I am still tired, still having some restless nights which sometimes include waking up in a sweat. I haven't slept through the night in many months. I hate waking up so tired. It feels like I drag through the days like this. I keep telling myself to be patient and to just take it easy and let my body recover. I have never been good with delayed gratification. You would think by now, with all the times I have been forced to have patience, I would be better at this.
I am thinking of treating myself to a new down comforter. The Company Store is having a sale and there's are the best. My old one is worn and my darling dog grabbed the end with his teeth. Although I sewed it shut again there was a dusting of feather/snow everywhere and that part seems empty. There are few feelings like slipping under a down comforter on a cold winter evening. They are so light on your body but keep you so toasty warm.

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Missie said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. It has been cold!