Thursday, October 08, 2009

Coughing but Better

Remember Sesame Street? Today's show is brought to you by the letter C as in cough. I wish I could stop coughing. In the morning I use the Advair inhaler and then as needed I use the Proventil. Both seem to be giving me heart palpitations which wore masked by the steroids. As I reduce them, the palpitations are more present. Overall I am feeling a bit stronger each day now. Now I want to get my focus over to the good stuff of the Fall.
This summer was a huge disappointment to me. It's as though it was not. I never had one day that I truly felt well. I did not go out to eat at the shore, walk on the beach, any of the things I usually do. Since working my present job I have not had ONE vacation day. Each day off has been used for illness (except for two days where I rushed to be with my Dad after one of his strokes.) I am so hoping for a mini vacation but not sure when/if that will happen. I am deciding that I must have some quality time/relaxing hour respites. This weekend my sister is coming. Haven't seen her in a month. She is always a huge help to my parents. We fit time in to visit and those are rare and treasured times. This weekend is a holiday weekend for her so she will have an extra day here. I am determined to find a few hours where we get out for a bite to eat and some sisterly chatting.

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