Thursday, April 02, 2009


I just spoke with my doctor who got the CT scan results. Whatever was in my lung is gone, there is nothing in it now. Woohoo! That was something I was very concerned about. Very good news. Now for the less good news: last night my husband's legs were flying about like helicopter blades. Every now and then he does this. When I went to bed I had a terrible soreness in my right side muscle from coughing for three weeks. I had only been asleep for an hour when his legs took flight and he kicked me waking me up. Of course he slept through this. The second time, less than five minutes later I lost it. I yelled at him to stop which did wake him up. I am wondering if this could be restless leg syndrome. In any event the sudden jumping I did further hurt the strained muscle and I couldn't even lay down. I got out of bed for a few hours and there is no position today that does not hurt. I just took some ibuprofen which I can't do regularly because of the blood thinner. I am hoping it will be better by tomorrow but the important thing is that my lung is now clear. I wonder why I am still coughing so much and since I expect to return to work April 15th now I am hoping there will be no residual cough at that time.

It is warm and sunny here in NJ. Hubby felt guilty I think and has entertained the pesky dog and done a lot of yardwork. I know he didn't do this intentionally but I am not congenial when woken up, especially when I am in pain. Perhaps tonight one of us will be in the guest room and if that someone is me I am leaving the pet elsewhere.


Missie said...

Restless leg syndrome = sleeping on the sofa! LOL

I hope you get a better night's sleep and I'm so glad your CT scan came out clear. One less thing for you to worry about!!

Susan C said...

Nelle, I was so happy when I saw the headline, "Wonderful News!"

What a relief!

Now, if only you can get a good night's sleep.

IndigoSunMoon said...

See? I told you so!!!
I knew someone with restless legs syndrome. She's an ex now. LOL

jennifer said...

Good news!!

Judith HeartSong said...

I am not congenial when woken up either... ask Virginia:) Feel LOTS better!!!!