Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My First Day Back

I went back to work today. The HR person told me I had to be there half an hour early. Being the prompt person I am I actually arrived 45 minutes early. The security people had me sit in the waiting room until someone in HR said I could enter their office. I was advised it would "be awhile" and it was. About 45 minutes after waiting they took my security card and activated it. I thought I was going to have another interview but the receptionist handed me my card and sent me on my way. When I arrived upstairs I already knew someone else had been using my desk. I was really disappointed because I am a neat freak and they all knew this. The guy wasn't around and my boss told me that it was still my desk and just to move his things and put mine back (they had been stored underneath). After wiping things down with disinfecting wipes and replacing stuff I was ready to get down to business. Don't know why I felt so nervous as I have been doing this a year and a half but I did. It took me awhile to regain my computer access and then I struggled to remember passwords. I have passwords for many systems and most are different and must be changed every few months. We are not permitted to write them down. After guessing a few that I rotate I was finally in my email and I had a few hundred that had accumulated in the last two months. I began reading them and then for a few hours listened to a coworker using some new techniques. It went well and tomorrow and the next day I will primarily be in training classes to learn these new techniques firsthand. Many coworkers greeted me enthusiastically, I got many hugs and that was appreciated. All in all, it went well. I am tired tonight. I am going to hop into bed and try to sleep a bit later than I did this morning. I was like a kid going to the first day of school. Woke up before six and could not get back to sleep. It rained today and tomorrow that should stop. We are expecting seventy degree temps here on Friday. I will love the drive home.
I'm getting back into my routine and it really feels good. Nighty night.


Missie said...

I'm glad you survived your first day back at work!

Have a good day tomorrow!

Susan C said...

What a day! I'm glad it's a short week for you.