Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feeling Grumpy

If you know the song Feeling Groovy subsitute the word grumpy and sing along with me. Slow down....moving too fast.......got to make the morning last.....just kicking down the cobblestones.....looking for fun and feeling grumpy.

The diabetic diet is getting to me. EVERYTHING has carbs. You go out to eat and you pay for food that you cannot eat, or can have a miniscule portion of. Seeing all the wonderful food for Easter, in particular the desserts and the candy just makes me want it. People do not realize how frustrating it is. Like my mother who sent over cupcakes when I didn't go to her house because she was serving GLAZED ham, CANDIED yams and a salad with my grandmother's homemade dressing which has an entire cup of sugar in it. Sheesh. My mother has the sweet tooth of all time. Yes folks, I was raised by a woman who hid Chunkys in her dresser drawers. My Dad was in the Navy and when he was gone she actually sold cans of veggies to our neighbor (also a relative) and she bought things like Chunkys with it. My mother will keep a cake until it is stale and then pour milk on it and eat it like cereal. That will be BREAKFAST. My mother has no concept of nutrition and yet my sister and I have always been very conscious of nutrition. Thing is I grew up with candy dishes all over the house. When I was at my mother's last I counted EIGHT and that was just downstairs. Some are gallon size jar containers. For a beverage I was served SWEET iced tea. Thankfully I stopped drinking that about thirty years ago. My point is that it is hard to stop sugar cold turkey. I think I am having psychological withdraw.
Tomorrow I go back to work and it's a good thing. Firstly, I need to be focusing on other things than food deprivation. Secondly there is a cafeteria at work and they have meats and veggies that I will be able to have. Speaking of food Rachael Ray is on. I love her show and watching all those calorie laden meals she makes. Honestly some of them have no appeal to me at all and I wonder if the woman ever has her cholesterol tested. I do like her a lot but I wish she would have some shows on diabetic receipes OR low cholesterol meals. I was reading an article about how many children are being diagnosed with diabetes due to such high sugar diets. Some kids as young as four! That was shocking to me.
On a high note, yesterday the man of the house repainted our upstairs bathroom. It's kind of a periwinkle blue and I love it. The fixtures are ivory and it's a nice contrast. The shower curtain and accessories had this color in it. Today he is painting our guest room. When we purchased this home it was only nine months old but you would never have believed it. The woman who lived here in that short time had done a lot of damage. In that room her daughter had done something to the wall and she took a much darker color paint to touch it up and made a huge mess. We had never painted that room. I am doing it a creamy vanilla so that I can change the bedding to whatever I like. We bought one coat paint and I am hoping it actually is, I think so. It's a big job. Getting back to our home......the woman had dropped a 2 litre bottle of orange soda down the stairs on brand new carpet. As though that wasn't bad enough she tried to remove it with watered down bleach. A week after moving it I had to change the carpet on the stairs and upstairs hallway. The house also came with a washer, dryer and refrigerator. In our contract she was to leave the appliances but when we arrived after closing they were all gone. She was a single mother on the verge of foreclosure when we purchased the home. I felt sorry for her and just bought new appliances, I was sure that builder's appliances were not comparable to what I purchased. Even the toilet paper holders and light bulbs were taken. I just felt sad for her. Our house is small and there are things about my old house that I really miss, like my fireplace and my pull down attic stairs. Still there is a charm here and it's a comfortable place. I am always mindful of a plaque I saw in Amish country. It said the beauty of a house is it's hospitality. We always have a cup of tea and some homemade something here if you ever want to drop by. There's just no subsitute for feeling welcome.


Susan C said...

Good luck with your return to work.

So nice that your hard-working hubby is sprucing up the house.

You're so right about that welcome feeling. There's nothing like it.

Missie said...

My brother in law has Diabetes since he was a child. His health is so bad. I know it's very hard for him to find the right kind of foods he can eat. Mostly the carbs are the problem. He usually ends up eating mixed fruit at family gatherings.

Thanks for sticking with me and my blog!

IndigoSunMoon said...

People just don't think when they are cooking a big meal. It doesn't even enter their mind that someone is diabetic, and can't eat what they serve.
I can only imagine what kind of food withdrawl you are going through...
Bless your heart.
Love you,

Ronni Gordon said...

That's a lot of sweet stuff. Yikes! Maybe next year your mother can set aside some uncandied stuff for you.