Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

Easter is almost here. I have not attended church in months. I have not done anything (other than to sit a few bunnies and a few feathered chicks on some furniture). In years past I bought Easter candy for nearly every relative I had. This year our young niece and our nephew who is our Godchild received cards with a little money. This past Christmas I was not "into it" either. I think my health issues have been so weighty for me that it's been hard to get into the other things. Working full time uses most of my energy. My time off has been used to see doctors, have tests done and file papers and refax papers that were already sent in. I have had to bother my doctor several times to fill out papers and felt badly about wasting her time. I am feeling better each day now. Still coughing here and there but overall so much better. I will be returning to work next week. I am trying to do a few last minute things such as plant pansy flowers in the ceramic urns on the front porch and patio. I have been up since 5 this morning and I cleaned out my bathroom closet and laundry room shelves.

My grandmother has become very difficult. I feel so badly for my aunt, newly retired who is there dealing with her by herself. My mother doesn't like to be around sick people and has not gone to help. I worry how my aunt who is not in the best of health will do this on her own. I told my mother this morning that she should at least offer financial compensation of some kind. I realize this is not my problem and I cannot take it on.

My significant other had a CT scan and an ultrasound. He has had some neck discomfort and a sore throat. He has nodules on both sides of his thyroid. Since his cousin had his thyroid removed two years ago when it became cancerous and since his sister died of cancer he is very concerned. He will be having some blood work and seeing an endocrinologist and they will do frequent ultrasounds to monitor the situation. Oh to have a boring life.

The sun is beautiful today and I was outside for a few hours today soaking it up as I planted the planters. I am hoping that as the weather warms, my adjustments to the low carb diet get easier and more familiar and things continue to bloom I will feel lighter. It's been a rough winter but the Spring is here and I hope things are so bright I have to wear shades.


Missie said...

We haven't been in a church in over a year, but I'm one who believes that God doesn't care where you worship him, just worship him.

I sure hope those nodules on your signifcant other are not serious. I'll keep him in my prayers.

Sonya said...

Hi Nelle. We are trying our best to find a church we can get involved with and develop friendships...get some roots here in our new community. It makes life easier when you can group together with other Christians. I have missed that from our old town. Although we still communicate via blogs, facebook, email, etc. Hope you have an awesome weekend.