Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Today I put on a new sweater I had bought and some nice green dress slacks I had not fit into in a few years. That was a great way to kick start the day. Got to church early so we could have a good seat. Easter fills up fast and the church holds 2100 and then there are people standing up and down the sides and across the back. We know to get there at least a half hour early. It was a lovely service and the choir sang so beautifully. I didn't even fret about not taking my morning medicine. We came home and I through a spiral ham in the oven. We had a lovely dinner around 3 p.m. and my son, the vegan, joined us. He made himself pancakes. I worry that he is eating fewer and fewer foods. He won't eat fish or eggs anymore as he used to. I had a talk with him about how he eats primarily carbs and this concerns me because diabetes is so prevalent on both sides of his family. He said he would try to come up with more dishes that were less carb laden.

Right after eating my grandmother called. She has had a premonition that she would be leaving us on Easter weekend. She was upset with me for not going to my mother's house for dinner. My mother was having candied yams and a salad with a dressing that has a cup of sugar in it. My mother doesn't understand that I cannot eat things like that. We had a salad loaded with fresh veggies like broccoli and I put a low carb dressing on it. We had potatoes but my small amount was carefully monitored and candied anything is out. My grandmother doesn't understand so I try to let it go in one ear and out the other. I have enough trouble being reasonable now, cannot imagine how I would be at 96. Right after we finish eating my sister arrives with cupcakes my mother sent over. How thoughtful. My niece arrives shortly afterwards and her and my son had a nice conversation which was great as they live upstate New York and he rarely gets to see her. She is a chemist working in the daytime and going to grad school at night. She's really a great person and a joy to visit with.
So my Easter was good. Good sermon at the church I am most at home in, good meal and good visitors. I did miss a basket of candy but I got a bouquet of flowers (purple tulips) instead. Life is every changing and the secret to enjoying it seems to be the ability to roll with the punches. I'm trying my best to do that.


Susan C said...

Aint it the truth about "rolling with the punches."

Keep rollin', Nelle!

Missie said...

In case you didn't see my blog entry yet, i need to private. I want to add you but i need your email. Plese email me!!