Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cripey I'm on Overload

I went back to work for an entire week this week. I got home on Monday evening and had dinner. (Rob and I have an agreement that we don't give each other bad news until AFTER dinner.) He then told me they had just taken my Dad in an ambulance to the ER after he collapsed. For those of you who don't read my blog last Easter my father had a huge cancerous tumor removed from his liver. A few months later he had three grand mal seizures in one day and his heart stopped but was revived in the ambulance. He has been hospitalized eight times in the last year, several with pneumonia as he has COPD. This time it appears he has had a stroke. Yesterday (Tuesday) I left work a few hours early and went directly to the hospital hoping to spend some time with him. I arrived at 4 p.m. and sat in his empty room for over two hours while he was having CT scans. My mother was downstairs with him. When they arrived upstairs his dinner was waiting. He struggled terribly and couldn't handle utensils so decided he could feed himself using the lid of a covered cup. He seemed embarassed at us watching him and shooed us off to get something to eat. The cafe there had nothing I could have but my mother had a salad. When we got back he was very agitated. He has aphasia and struggles trying to convey any thoughts he has which seem very random. We stayed awhile then I came home so emotionally drained I crawled into bed at 9 p.m. and slept until 7 this morning. I went back to work and learned at lunch hour they are going to have to put stents in his carotid arteries. They are uncertain how much damage is permanent but he will have to go to rehab before coming home. I am not sure my mother will be able to handle him at home unless there is more improvement. I came home a few hours early again and made another painful call to MONUMENTAL, the insurance company who still has not paid one cent of my car payments. They have decided now to make inquiries of ALL doctors I have seen in the past five years. When I applied for the policy it asked if I had been treated in the past THREE years for things which the answer to was no. Now it seems they are trying to say that I had diabetes as a pre-exisiting condition and are trying to contact every doctor that has treated me. All to get out of paying my claim. I have again attempted to get in touch with someone at Toyota who MISLED me with this policy. I will not be purchasing any more cars from Freehold Toyota after they refuse to accept responsibility for the misinformation I was given.
I have paid nearly eight hundred dollars for a policy which was a huge rip off.
I feel my privacy is invaded when they are contacting doctors I have not seen in FIVE years when they asked me about three years. NO one will take responsibility for this and I feel like I have been ripped off for the cost of the policy, nearly $800 and for the $800 they did not make in payments.
I am so tired in dealing with all this. I am so sad that having eight weeks out of work I did not have ONE day of enjoyment. Not one trip, not even a day trip.
Now because of this horrid company I am behind on my bills. I want to contact a TV reporter who exposes this kind of sham but frankly with me working full time I don't know when I would have time to do it. SHAME on this company and Toyota for using them.

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Missie said...

That's horrible about the insurance company! I've heard that happen a few times about several different insurance companies doing the same thing.

I'll be keeping your dad in my prayers!!