Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunshine and a fresh day

Today the sun is shining, although it is cold. I have not been out of my house since I was at the doctor's last Tuesday. My doctor said I do not have the flu but trust me, she was wrong. So very wrong. I have coughed nearly all night long and much of the day in the past week. Red killer cough syrup couldn't hold it back. I wake up drenched in sweat each night. Since these were symptoms of my original chest tumor way back when, they provoke some anxiety in me. Then I have to have the conversation with myself that sometimes a cough is just a cough caused by chest congestion. My fever finally went away but I am not back to normal yet. Honestly, I am rarely normal but that's another story.

I was so happy to see that Ronni, a brave runner and journalist is once again blogging. She made it through her third bone marrow transplant. She is a remarkable woman and the weeks without her posts were rough. Missie, another blogger had knee surgery and was just hospitalized for blood clots in her lungs. So glad she is doing well in the hospital.
On another front, my grandmother's breast cancer has not spread as they originally thought it had. Since she has no estrogen in her body they think it will take a long time. She wants no treatment but I am not sure this is realistic. She is taking pain pills for back pain and her thoughts and moods are ever changing. I just don't want her to suffer.
Well, I need to jump in the shower and take a long luxuriating shower. I just wish it would warm up outside so I could go for a short walk.


Sonya said...

Nelle, I hope you feel better soon.

Ronni Gordon said...

Love your beautiful page designs! Thanks so much for your cards and good wishes. It means a lot. Hope you feel better soon.

Missie said...

I sure hope you feel better soon. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. I am doing better, I would like to go home but was told this morning I'm stuck here another few days!!