Thursday, March 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Laura and Stacey

Happy Birthday, Laura! (an old and dear friend)

Happy Birthday, Stacey! (a wonderful neighbor and friend)

Today is the birthday of two people that I know. I wish them both a wonderful day.
I am going to run to the DMV and get my driver's license redone today. In NJ we are required to have unbelievable amounts of ID to do this. I am required to go in person and take copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates, bills, tax statements or social security cards. I have it all here ready to go. Don't know how long this will take.
I got my results of my nuclear stress test on Tuesday at a visit with my cardiologist. NO blockages. ::::::::happy dance::::::: For someone with my medical issues this is somewhat surprising to doctors. I am so happy I will not have to go through another cardiac catherization as I had six years ago. I heard last night that Barbara Bush just had an aortic valve replacement. She is fortunate at her age to get a tissue valve. I was not old enough to get one, since I was under 50 I had to get a mechanical valve. This requires anti coagulation meds which frankly are a nuisance. I have to get my INR tested once a month. IF that number goes too high many things can happen, including a brain hemorrhage. Last month my number was great but this month it was way too high. This was probably a result of me introducing a new medication for the diabetes into my body. Now my dose will be changed once again and I will have to retest in about a week. Not a big deal but I will never get used to blood tests. I still hate needles of any kind.
We still have snow on the ground here. It was bitter cold two days ago and yesterday the temperature rose ten degrees. Today it is expected to rise another ten degrees. That makes me smile. It has been sunny and I try to soak that in. Overall I am feeling better. Thank God for that. If the last blood pressure medicine I tried continues to keep my pressure where it currently is, I am hoping that I have found the combination that will work for me. They have found I need two meds to really control it. Well, time for breakfast and off to a productive day hopefully.

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Missie said...

Happy Birthday to your friends! I'm glad the test came back with good results.

Enjoy your day tomorrow.