Sunday, March 08, 2009

An Hour Ahead

I woke up today feeling it was early to get up but then I realized it was an hour later than I thought it least technically. I changed the clocks (the computer and cable box changed themselves). Yesterday was so beautiful. We opened the garage and let the warm air come in. I got some things put away in there and was basking in the heat on the patio when our mail was delivered. It seems we didn't have enough taken out of our checks last year and now we owe some money. Didn't count on that. At first I was really upset because I am still waiting for my first disability check. By the time it arrives I will be returning to work. That is only part of your salary. I have been going to doctors and having tests and regulary writing out $20 and $40 copay checks. When I purchased my car I paid extra for insurance to cover the payments should I be out on disability. I knew if that happened I would not be able to swing those payments. The woman who did the financial paperwork told me all I had to do was call her. She is no longer working there but the procedure for this leaves a lot to be desired. I spent nearly $800.00 at the time for the coverage which also pays off the loan if I die. I made the call and learned I would be faxed over papers which both my employer and doctor would need to fill out. Those papers could only be submitted after the 2nd of each month (couldn't get an adequate explanation for that) AND I would be responsible for making all the payments. At some point when they determined I was eligible, they would submit the money directly to my company holding the loan. So, the safety net I thought I had has been anything but. I have had to make two payments and once they have the money from the car loan company I will have a credit on my account. Had I understood this when I took the loan I would not have bothered. It makes me angry to be given incorrect information and to have to have a credit up the road when I need that now.

I have decided that I must use all my energies towards feeling better, which slowly I am doing. I will have to pay the taxes in payments since I cannot send the entire amount now. I cannot worry about it because I cannot change it. I am hoping to get back to work in about three weeks feeling so much better. There is new management now and a lot of changes going on. I liked the old management who always was concerned about the worker bees. I understand the need for change. I will try my best to make the necessary changes.

I am going to take a long hot shower and go to the store and return the jeans that were purchased over the internet. Hopefully I will get the full refund because I cannot find the receipt. They have been here since Christmas.
I am usually very organized. The past few months, especially December, I felt out of it. I was dizzy and greatly fatigued but didn't know why. Now I am getting all that sorted out and adjusted to a new diet and new meds. I am doing better and by Easter I am hoping to be the person I was before.......or better.
Speaking of Easter I have a new header for that but will wait until St. Patty's Day is over. I have my corned beef waiting to be cooked and I just love that day.

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IndigoSunMoon said...

Jeez, they really socked it to you didn't they...the bastards.
I'm so sorry your having to deal with all this crap honey...especially since you aren't well. You shouldn't have to be focusing on anything but getting better, and now you have all this other crap to deal with.
Thinking of you dear friend...