Sunday, April 22, 2007

I love Sundays

Many good things happen on Sundays. Some Sundays I work but it doesn't's still Sunday and I like this day. One very good thing that happens on Sundays is the new post
at POST SECRET. I don't know if you have ever checked this out but I really like this site.
It makes me do a lot of thinking. I often wonder how many people get great relief from sharing their secret, even though it's anonymously. I have about three secrets that I rarely share.
All three would shake the people whothink they know me well. I am great at keeping secrets.
Even ones that I wish I had never known. I often wonder why people are compelled to share their secret. I always fear that if you tell the wrong person that someday your secret could be used to bring hurt to others. That is the last thing I want. Even if the others caused me pain I could not derive pleasure from theirs. Sometimes I think that is something that makes my existence harder for me. Many others who seem to enjoy inflicting pain seem to relieve themselves by doing so. I cannot relate to that at all.

It's beautiful outside and I am not sure just how to enjoy that: gardening or just relaxing.
I'll figure it out.

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