Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jennifer's Home and I will be honoring her battle with cancer

My sister-in-law Jennifer is finally home from the hospital. As I suspected, her tumor was cancer and the first pathologist got it wrong. They removed 2/3 of it and will have to go back in a few weeks after her daughter's upcoming communion. In the meantime our office is sponsoring a RELAY FOR LIFE and I am part of the team. If you would like to sponsor me you can click MY HOMEPAGE. I am hoping to raise more than the $125 I have promised to. I am thinking that this might cheer her up, although to be honest for someone who has been through what she has, she is in good spirits. I spoke with her earlier and she is hanging in there.

Last Friday I went to my doctor. I have been feeling so very tired and experiencing some dizziness and other things. He saw my last blood work and did some more testing. It seems I have the beginning stage of diabetes. I am a carb junkie. Not sure how I can deal with this one.
I really have to give it a good try, including exercising. The catch 22 is that I am tired and don't feel I have the stamina to exercise but because I'm not the sugar in my system is not being metabolized. I am not a scientist but have done a little reading. I already eat only whole grain bread, cereal and pasta. I will have to do more to monitor hidden carbs though.

We had a nice Easter here. My sister came from upstate New York and her daughter came. She will be graduating with a degree in chemistry in May and head hunters are already contacting her. I am so happy for her. The women of this generation have so many more options than mine did. I guess many women of my generation did have the opportunity for a college education. My father didn't think it was necessary and wouldn't pay for mine. Unfortunately, that lead me to an early marriage and I often think how different my life might have been had he supported that option for me. I did later go to college for three years until my son got sick. After that I just never felt motivated again and when I finally did, I was divorced and didn't have the means.

I am starting to read again and really enjoy that. I feel relaxed in my own skin and that's a very good thing. I just wish my health issues would get resolved and I could enjoy some physical well being along with the mental outlook.

The other day a neighbor asked me if I don't feel cheated after looking at such elegant homes all day and coming home to my modest home. No way! I told her that money can buy a wonderful home but it can't buy you neighbors that are always there to help you. This is the first time in my life I have had neighbors that considered themselves my friends and vice versa. I feel blessed and fortunate to be in a home that I don't have to sit and wonder if I might lose. A small house can hold as much love as a mansion......and mine does.

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alphawoman said...

A positive attitude can move mountains. Sorry about your health problem. And good luck with your RFL team and all!!