Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I H8 Verizon.........and guns

Yesteday I noticed that only one phone in my house, the downstairs one, was ringing and it was only a partial ring at best. Later as the day progressed, it stopped ringing altogether, although callers were put into my voice mail. I am so sorry that I switched my phone to FIOS and so are my neighbors. The ones who switched their television cable service are very upset. Rightly so.
Verizon never did come and fix the hole in my garage wall as promised, or send me paperwork to pay for the electrical repair as promised and now the phone service I was promised over and over again would not be problematic when it rained is worse than ever. Sorry, Verizon but you have the worst customer service I have ever received and I am now contemplating switching my computer and phone service over to cable. One of the reasons I didn't do it before was that you advertised that if the power went out you still had phone service. NOT TRUE with FIOS.
You have only have phone service as long as the back up battery has a charge which I was told might be 8 hours. Thinking of the storm where we lost power for 5 days that wouldn't be much of a help. When I pointed this out to a Verizon tech he told me that I would still have a cell phone. I had to point out to him that my cell gets charged by ELECTRICITY. It took him a few minutes to take my point. While this is highly annoying and frustrating and I am missing yet another day of work today.................this pales in comparison to what happened yesterday in Virginia.

When are we going to wake up and stop allowing people in this country to walk into a store and buy a gun? I am so sick of hearing that guns don't kill people, people kill people. If someone approaches me to kill me with hand to hand combat I have time to react. Not so with a speeding bullet. I think of all these students whose lives were snuffed out, and the wonderful professors whose lives were lost so senselessly. I have to wonder if there had been a major attempt to evacuate the campass quickly if there would have been less victims. If there are major alarms for theft, aren't the lives of people worth so much more? Why not a major horn system to alert students to evacuate a such a place? It sickens me that our world has come to this. I want to know what could make a person do such a thing. I am angry and I hope the person who sold this guy the guns loses a damn lot of sleep. Then I hope he sells his gun shop and becames an enemy of the NRA. I know I have.

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