Monday, January 29, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!!!!!!!!

The top picture if my best friend Debbie sealing her vows to Don with a kiss. This was on January 27. We were 800 ft. atop the ground in The Stratosphere Hotel observation deck. The restaurant is a lot like the Seattle Space Needle. We had dinner in a restaurant called Top of the World and it was grand. I am exhausted. Hardly slept a few hours. Got up yesterday 6 a.m. Vegas time and only slept half an hour on the plan. Arrived in Philadelphia this morning to see snow falling. Got home and we had a couple of inches on the ground (which has now melted on roadways.) I took a cat nap. Duffy missed us terribly and wants a lot of attention.
We had so much fun in Vegas. We saw most of the hotels and casinos. We never stopped. Had a fabulous dinner at a 3 star hotel Buchon at the Venetian. What a magnificent and beautiful hotel. The meal was not to be topped. We had a trio of appetizers which included pate', salmon, and prisciotto. The salads were outstanding and I had braised shortribs for my entre. It was so delicious. We had a variety of desserts which included sorbet, cookies, brownies and coffee and chocolate sauces. I will need to diet for about three months. Seriously. More later I need a nap.

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alphawoman said...

Looks like fun!!