Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This and That

I am starting to feel like a real real estate agent. I was at an open house last weekend and had the opportunity to show a lovely property to a woman who complimented me. That was a good experience. I am still in school, and have homework from there and from my very capable mentor.

I am having growing pains. My mother always used that phrase to describe when we were going through a bad time of something that we knew would leave us in a different place when it was over. Someone who I thought knew me, a "friend" of thirty years started accusing me (to others, not to me personally) of things that were simply not true. Her husband called me the other evening to ask me how I could be so hurtful. I had no clue what he was even talking about until he explained himself. This was news to me. I attempted to call this person to discuss what it was they thought I was doing when they would not take the call. I then received an email from them telling me how they were feeling attacked by me. My reaction was complete shock. Then hurt. If someone knows you for thirty years how can they NOT know you? And furthermore how can they tell you that they are so badly hurt but when they feel better they will continue the friendship that they value. Does this make sense to anyone? It does NOT make any to me. Why would someone who truly believed this WANT the friendship with someone they believe to be so heinous? My email reply was that it would not be necessary for that person to contact me again. I put a lot of value in friendships. When someone wants to accuse me, falsly and without proof, then I do not believe there is a friendship to begin with.

My best friend will be getting married in Vegas the weekend of the 26th. We will be going with the happy couple. I am excited. My friend knows I am having a tough time right now. She has offered to treat us. We desperately need to get away.

Right now we are very concerned about my sister-in-law. She just had a feeding tube put in. She was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. She is in her early thirties and she has an eight year old daughter. She is very depressed and now with her radiation treatments her hair is coming out. My mother-in-law works and is taking care of her daughter and granddaughter when she is home from work. My sister-in-law lost so much weight and she was slight to begin with. She is continueing to work because she used up all her disability time while recovering from two surgeries.

At times like this we are hanging on to our faith and our hope. Please say a prayer for Jen. She wants to gain some weight, enjoy her daughter and get back to her college courses. She's spunky and my money's on her.


Emmie said...

Well surely Jen would overcome all troubles....it was painful to hear about her...hope all goes right.... well u had done a right reply to the Email of your friends.... thats not true friendship from their part ...as i think the only and most important thing was missing...thats "trust" ...true friendship do deserve trust in its honest form....on that note u can anytime drop by My Friendship Blog ....hope u will find it interesting...!!!

alphawoman said...

I bet it was Richard Brautigan! I can't think of the name of the book...he also wrote poetry, but I know you know that. I think it was something about Watermelon...watermelon sugar maybe

Cynthia said...

You have a lot on your plate now. I am so sorry about the mess with your friend and your sister-in-law's illness. Know you're in my prayers. Have fun in Vegas.