Monday, January 22, 2007

The Beasty Boys

Here are my "boys". This was taken in my computer room. Rob refers to it as the "rumpus room." You can see Duffy's crate. I have wanted to get rid of it but he seems to think of it as his safe haven. I have bought numberous crate liners, area rugs and even an actual dog bed for it. All have been chewed and ruined except the dog bed which he refuses to leave in there. AS quickly as I put it in, he drags it out. Perhaps because of his thick fur he is warm and prefers the cool bottom of the crate. I figure it's his domain and he can have it the way he wants.

The cat on the other hand, likes warmth and softness. He is often on the back of the sofa while I am sitting on it. While I am on my computer he is stretched out on the comfy reading chair. In this pic he is on the footrest. It's not a great pic of either of them. It's hard to get them together in one shot so I used it anyway.

Today I was going to get my computer room organized. Well that did not happen. Instead I was at the dentist at 8 a.m. to have him fill the "core" of the tooth that was root canaled a month ago. When I woke up there was snow on the ground and the roads looked icey but I went and it was okay. After that I went and had new front tires put on my car. I needed them for winter. I picked up a few groceries and returned home. I was going to take a nap. That did not happen. I played games on the computer and touched base with a friend I haven't spoken with in awhile. I am still tired and need to go into the office tonight from 6-8. Before that I have to run to the store and pick up a prescription that I haven't so far although it's been on my to do list since Saturday.

It's windy and overcast here. Not sure what the weather will be doing but I am sure hoping that on Friday it's clear. That's the day we will be driving to my friend's outside of Philadelphia and taking a limo (when she does something she does it right!) to the airport. We will be arriving two hours before takeoff. I am working on my list of what to bring. Not much can be carried on. I can hardly believe I will be having four days of vacation. It's been five years since we got away and that turned out to be for ONE night. Wayne Newton watch out!


jennifer said...

I [heart] the beasties! I just wanna give little Duff a big ole hug around that neck.

Do you play Qwerty? You and I need to play!

Janney Claire said...


I think I might have some info for you.

On January 9, you commented on "Just a Hippy Gipsy"

"Nelle said...
Damn! I want time to browse and find a store like that! I used to have a book in 1970 it was paperback, black and white cover and it had a poem and all I can remember is "watermelon rinds". Not the author's name!"

I think perhaps the book is titled, "Reflections on a Gift of a Watermelon Pickle" by Stephen Dunning. I discovered it in high school in Vancouver, Canada in 1970. One of my favourites and probably significant
in that my life path was changing from academic to the arts about this time. Amazon has it listed with "LOOK INSIDE" available. Don't know if the link below will work though.