Friday, January 12, 2007

The Professional

I have completed another week of classroom and office training for my new career. More and more I have gained knowledge and confidence. I received my proofs today for my professional photo. Of course the photographer offered to retouch a bit. I mean I did my own hair (and of course it had to rain and frizz that day.) I did my own makeup which I am not very good at but at least I look like myself, not like someone else which most of the glamour photos turn out like. Just me. I have been told on occasion that my smile could light up a room. I hope so because that's the biggest thing going for me.

I got my signs today with my name and phone number on them. I am now in the system where I can look up real estate listings. I have a professional email. It's all in place for me. It feels good. I miss some of the people from my previous job. Starting a new job is always bittersweet but I am focusing on the sweet right now.
I am in a wonderful new place with very supportive people. Right now that is making it so much easier for me. They are leaving no stone unturned to give me all the tools that I will need. I am appreciative of all the help I have received from people who have no motive other than genuine kindness. I am grateful that a former coworker is working alongside of me. We both happened to choose the new place on our own. Life is steadily improving for me. I am in a good place.

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Cynthia said...

This is absolutely wonderful! Just reading this made me feel hopeful and good.