Saturday, January 20, 2007

My best friend, Vegas and a new pic

This is my new professional photo. Often in my business people use photos that look nothing like themselves. Women go to the glamour place and get makeup that they could never themselves apply, get their hair done in ways that they could not do and dress with sequins. That is so not me. Other people get an everyday looking shot but have ten or twenty years airbrushed away. When they meet clients the clients are wondering just how old that photo is. I refuse to do that. I am what I am. So here it is. Not sure I made the best choice for the jacket with the lines.

My childhood best friend is getting married again. She is taking Rob and I with her to be her witnesses. She is generously treating us to a four day weekend and we are excited. We really like her fiancee'. As she is telling people some are making plans to be there as well. We will be leaving next Friday about 4. Here is the kicker. My darling husband has never flown before. I have used every tactic to put his fears at ease but I can tell you they have not worked. I asked him before agreeing to go and he told me that he would go. I have visions of him holding onto the airport chairs as we are boarding the plane. I fully understand as I had the same fear until I took my first flight. Both of our mothers were afraid to fly and I think they taught us this fear. Rob's Mom did finally fly but mine never has.
We will be gone over my mother's birthday. In fact my friend's new anniversary will be my mother's birthday. I have to decide what I am wearing and what to take. This weekend I am doing two open houses, one today and one tomorrow. Monday I go to the dentist and then work so I need to get myself into high gear and get moving.

The other thing is what gift to give. They both had households. I am thinking something monogrammed. Any suggestions?


jennifer said...

YAY! Groovy photo!

I want PICTURES of Rob on the plane. Take him to the bar first. Oooo. Vegas! Love it. Vegas envy. Drop some dollars in the slot and think of me. And if you win big, I get half. Or a fourth. Or a free house.

Cynthia said...

You look gorgeous. I swear I get so sick of the glamour shots of the local realtors. I know of one that literally cost an agent a client when they met her and decided she'd "lied" so much in the photo that nothing she said could be trusted. I hope you, Rob and your friends have a wonderful time. I think that anything monogrammed is wonderful.

Nelle said...

Thank you Cynthia. I feel the same way. We are what we are, God gave us make up to use sparingly and beyond that is just unnatural.

Jennifer, would you settle for a key chain? It would say Vegas on it. Rob saved his Christmas money and is taking that for gambling purposes. I have a feeling winnings will be poured into a beer fund. lol

jennifer said...

Hmmm. If you win a million on the dollar slots, it better be a big key chain!