Thursday, June 01, 2006

Forging ahead.........

It's not often that I am down in the dumps but I am today.
Right now the real estate business is in a slump. While it may only be temporary there are concerns about office budgets and my hours I am allowed to put in are not enough to meet my needs. I am going to have to begin an aggressive search to find a full time or a part time job with 30 hours a week. Change like this is very stressful for me. I am concerned about meeting bills and have put off going over my bills right now. That's not like me. I am tired of the long search that has produced only TWO interviews. The first later learned that her boss would only hire someone with a bachelor's degree. My three years of college don't count for much. Not without the degree.
I also feel that almost no one is reading my blog anymore. I feel that I am wasting my time making entries and not having anything to say that is worth hearing. I know that is part of depression. I am hoping I can kick this soon.
Worstly, I feel that I am a burden to the person that I most want to be happy. I never wanted to be a burden to anyone. Ever. That's what makes me feel the worst. I hope this feeling passes.


IndigoSunMoon said...

I'm still here Nelle.
Love you hun,

alphawoman said...

The thing I always tell myself is that I will feel better tomorrow. It appears that you are being very proactive about the situation...three years of college is practically a degree!!! If you don't mind crazy hours, retail is always looking for dependable people. How about sub-teaching? I read you still, Sweetie!!!

It is just not the same outside of J-Land. It is not the same inside J-land. Terrible loss to all of us.

jennifer said...

Oh Nelle. It's not the quantity of the readers - it's the QUALITY of them. And me, Connie and Mary are totally high quality.

Money stress is the worst. I like Mary's idea of sub-teaching, as long as you pack an uzi in your notebook. And is there no chance of maybe taking some courses to wrap up that BS? Many universities offer courses online now, especially if you're just missing a few liberal arts requirements, rather than major ones.

You just wait. When you least expect it, good fortune is gonna whoop you upside your head. At least I hope so.


Virginia said...

I know I have very few readers at my journal.... and I have peace with that. I write to say whatever I want to say, and its in the saying that something is fulfilled.

Job hunting is very hard. As they say, job hunting is failure, because once you have found the new job (succeeded), then the process ends.

Hang in there. Life goes through natural cycles.

Peace, Virginia

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