Sunday, July 15, 2012

Waiting for Copay Assitance

I am fighting to hang in there so to speak. I got approval from my medical company that they will cover all but $450.00 per MONTH of the new medicine I need. Needless to say with my income so drastically cut, I cannot afford that copay. I have been in touch for about ten days with Pfizer the drug company for copay assistance and am waiting for them to complete that so I can get on my much needed new medicine. These companies do have assistance for the orphan drugs which are so expensive. Based on my income, my copay may be only $4 per month. That's some difference. In the meantime my fluid retention and breathing battles continue. They really can't keep the fluid off without risking my kidneys so I do the best I can.

This past week I wrote the blog entry about my birthday. On Monday my mother began to make accusations against me from something my EX told her 13 years ago. My reaction: are you kidding me????? She then interrogated my son who was not happy. I have never told him the details of my divorce from his Dad. He shouldn't  be burdened with all that. My mother claims she went to my old house and spoke to my ex and he told her things which both he and my son swear he did not. I am now wondering if she has some form of dementia. Regardless, my plate overflows and I am not taking on her issues right now. She never worried about mine and right now is unconcerned with how the stress of her attack has affected me. She has never even called back to say she was sorry for the manner in which she spoke to me. I'm sure she isn't.

I finally got my birthday present from Rob. I had wanted a back splash, made of glass. I had really wanted the sea glass one but the problem was it was very light and wouldn't go. The one I selected has different colors, some light, some dark. It took us nearly all day to get on the wall but I think will look good. Rob is ready to grout it in a few minutes with the antique white grout I selected. It was more of an undertaking than I thought it would be. This past week my mother-in-law and aunt both sent cards with money. We used some Friday night to go out for dinner and this morning we went to a great breakfast place called The Turning Point. They have ceramic skillets with potatoes on the bottom and your eggs on top. You can get variations such as bacon, avocado slices etc and they are very tasty. We both enjoyed it very much .Eating out is now a treat and something we rarely do. That was the easiest thing to hack from our budget.

I have deleted my Facebook. I just find too many people want to know what is going on in your life but really are not a part of it. I tend to be an open book but now with my health declining, I am feeling I want more privacy. I cannot grasp why some people want to claim to be your friend and have no personal contact but just post a comment once in awhile on Facebook. That is not me. The vast majority of people on mine are people I see or at least talk to. It seems very artificial in many ways to me. More and more I feel that many people don't understand the difference between friends and acquaintances. Friendships take work and if left dormant they slip away.

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Hope the copay thing gets worked out. I know how expensive medication can be. I am so sorry to hear about your mother being so mean spirited to you. The past is the past. let it be. She should NOt being paying attention to an EX anyway. They have axes to grind. With everything you're going through health wise adding that to it is just so hurtful. What is she thinking? I was going to say she might have dementia before I saw you coming to same conclusion. Your son should not be following her lead about all this. That backsplash sounds so nice. I'm glad you got to treat yourself to a nice meal. Sounds yummy. I LOVE avocado. My hubby has a temporary job, his last horray before the pacemaker. So we have been able to splurge a little. Unfortunately it's been one thing breaking after another, though. Those dollars add up quickly. Lost the internet for a week. Tried using phone. too complicated. I have just begun to try to catch up on all blog entries and emails, i missed between that and hospital tests.You are always in my heart and never far from my thoughts Nelle. I say a prayer for you every night. Will update a little about my daughter. family has closed ranks and wants everything private from now on. So I understand why you did what you did about Facebook. take care.