Thursday, July 12, 2012

Honesty isn't always the pretty route..............

I would like to tell you about what a wonderful birthday I had. I really would....but it wouldn't be true. I have always prided myself on being an honest person. This is what happened............
My sister was supposed to come the weekend before my birthday weekend. That would have been good. Instead she changed her plans at the last minute and told my mother she would be here for my birthday weekend. I told my mother that knowing what always played out things would not go well. My sister wanted to go to a picnic with her friend on July 4th and planned to come the following day and go to a flea market about 45 mins. away. I told my mother immediately this was NOT a good idea for me as I could not be in the heat and walk that far (with or without oxygen.) My mother kept pushing me and then that morning my sister called and said that they would only go as far as I could. This is one of those instances where you say why didn't I just do what I knew was right for me and stay home? We went and I was shocked by how many vendors there were. I agreed to go up and down a few aisles but I was finding it very difficult to breathe and the heat was wearing me out. I held up as long as I could and insisted we go into the air conditioned buildings. My mother who is 80 looked as though she was ready to collapse and when we got inside there was an elderly gentleman who had passed out. We then went to the part where they sold Amish crafts and food. My mother always wants to buy whatever is cheapest but I wanted a lunch so she and my sister got sandwiches while I had roasted chicken with veggies. After that my sister wanted to make a detour and ride by the house she lived in 30 or so years ago, then my old house and then we went home. I was exhausted. Friday morning she got my mother up at 5:30 a.m. so they could go to the beach and just watch the waves then they did a lot of shopping. That night Rob and I went to the beach and walked on the beach ourselves. On Saturday my mother and her did their usual local flea market, then to numerous stores and a yard sale and then called for me to come see her daughter's wedding album in the afternoon. I went and while there my sister stated she would love fried chicken. I said we could go to Popeyes which I had coupons for  and I drove about 45 mins. to get there only to find they were closed for renovations. My sister then suggested KFC. I explained I don't eat that as the oil disturbs my stomach but she really wanted it so I drove her and my mother there to get some. After that I drove them home, came home, gave Rob his KFC while I had a PB&J. About 9 p.m. my sister shows up at my door with a Slurpee for me. I was half asleep but she came in and wanted to talk about a family matter which she blamed me for. Since then I have verified that there is no truth to this, that in fact she took some facts, put them together to come up with the wrong conclusion. I was very upset and couldn't even sleep. When I can't sleep I am not using my breathing machine nor getting the oxygen I normally do. I was feeling awful the next morning. My birthday morning. Rob had a card for me. He was supposed to do a backsplash of tile in the kitchen of tiles that look like seaglass that I had picked out. In fact, I thought being gone Saturday would give him the opportunity to start it. He didn't even have the tiles. My son called and wanted us to meet him and go out for lunch. We went and I was feeling so poorly that I couldn't even go into the restaurant and felt I needed to get home on the oxygen again. I was just home resting when my sister called wanting to come over. Rob told her I was not up to company. I was still upset by the previous evening and I just wanted to rest. She later called again and insisted she drop off my mother's card and her gift. (My mother had told me she would be leaving first thing Sunday and I thought that then we would go out for dinner. Rob didn't get me a cake as I had planned to have cake out.) Apparently she had changed her mind and was now going to spend the night. Another plan out the window. I ended up having a few frozen pieces of chicken for my dinner. I had half a bagel in the morning. So  much for my birthday: no meal, no cake and feeling crappy all day.
The following day when my sister left I told my mother how upset I was. My mother insists that I am upset with Rob, not my sister, and said she had not agreed to go out to dinner with us anyway. Nice. Last night I was in bed by 9. I am not feeling well. I learned that the medicine I was taking has not worked and they are busy getting me approval for another. I wish some people would a. think of others b. get the facts straight before accusing someone of something they never did c. learn to say they're sorry when they made a mistake. I'm really tired of people who can have an opinion on everything without facts.

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Barbara said...

Unfortunately some people (maybe most?) just DON'T think, and when they do, they think only of themselves!

I'm sorry your birthday didn't turn out the way you had hoped. I hope you are planning to make up for it another day. My DH and I don't celebrate our birthdays until a week or so later. It's always worked out well that way.

Hugs, Barbara