Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Joy of Laundry

Two days ago my dryer just stopped working. It was distressing as I had paid $240.00 a year ago to get it repaired. It's ten years old and I wrestled with whether or not to get an estimate on a repair. I called a company that had rave reviews and they came out for $65.00. They told me it was the timer and it would be a repair of over $250.00. I really hate throwing things out IF I can get them reapaired so I was going to bite the bullet and do it. The $65 estimate would count towards the repair. Their repairman took a deep breath and told me I was crazy to consider it. He said things are not built to last anymore and that next week another part could break and I was better off putting the money towards a new appliance. Rob and I discussed it and I wanted to kick myself for having spent the $65 to have it looked at. We went to the new appliance store PC Richard and I got a comparable replacement for $399 plus delivery and new hose stuff. It was $100 more but I got the guy to give us a break. I told him it probably wouldn't be long before I would be back buying the matching washer and a stove. The delivery guy was very nice and my laundry service is back in business. I already have clothes in the dryer and two more loads will be making their way there later in the day.

This has been a really tough week for me (and it's only Wednesday.) I am still trying to get a drug pay assistance card from Pfizer. Both the speciality pharmacy and my doctor's nurse practioner are trying to help me too but so far nothing. This plan just went into place two weeks ago and they don't seem to have worked out the kinks. In the meantime, I don't have my new medicine to start. What has arrived are the medical bills for my lung being tapped and my last visit in Philly. Seven grand for ONE day! My insurance pays the bulk but I will be left owing about $1500 for the procedure and visit. That's just too much for me. Somedays I wonder if I can afford the medical care I am receiving. It gets depressing. Since my birthday I have collapsed into tears several times. This is not typical of me. I am not sleeping as well either.

The other day a "friend" called to complain to me about her problems. I couldn't believe how she went on and on about her job (I would LOVE to be able to work and have my income back), her husband (someone she should have divorced years ago but never would because of his earning power) and her son (who she has spoiled rotten and no one including her can stand.) I let her ramble for quite awhile and then calmly told her that these were all things she had the power to change. I told her how lucky she is that she can change the situations. I then told her that it is very difficult for me when I am dealing with things that I have no control over to feel sorry for people who won't help themselves. I think I am losing patience with people who never appreciate what they have and only see the negative. Life is short. I struggle to make mine the best it can be. At times I get overwhelmed but it passes and I move forward. It's the only way to get where I need to go.



The one thing in life we can't change is our health when the tables are stacked against us. We can have hope, but sometimes it isn't enough. Coping can be a tall order when things are so overwhelming. If not for my hubby's temporary job we would be in dire straits too. I'm glad you got a new DRYER. ENJOY. I know it will bring you joy in some small way. take care.


PS) you just have to IGNORE people when they're all full of themselves.