Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring has Sprung

It was gorgeous here today and yesterday. I am really lightheaded yet toying with the idea of poking around in my flower garden. I have some new stuff to plant.
I took my diuretics (the super duper Z pill) and in the last two days six pounds of fluid has come off. YEAH!!!! I take it again today and Sunday. With the fluid off the adcirca has a chance to work.

I had a sort of an arguement with my mother. My little brother goes crying to her that I hate him (come on dude grow the hell up) because I told him I would not bother him again when he didn't want to help me on Sunday. I cannot stand the disappointment of having people tell me they are going to be there for me etc. and then when I call them for help they don't answer the phone or ignore the text or whatever. I need people who can lift me up not pull me down. Sorry but that's the bottom line. I am not doing well physically which has an impact on my emotional being. Either help me or get out of the way. Don't just stand there offering to and then leave me hanging. I wouldn't do that to others and I won't have it done to me.

On a good note I went out yesterday and had breakfast with a friend. It was SO ENJOYABLE. Most of my "friends" never call and specifically ask me to do anything anymore. Well, this morning my neighbor called and asked if I wanted to take a walk. Considering I am really short of breath that was not good timing and I had to say no. Still, I appreciated her thinking of me.
Ok, the dirt is calling me and the promise of having beautiful flowers. Enough so that I can cut some and bring them in the house to cheer me. I changed my header. These are actual pictures of plants that I planted here from my grandmother's flower garden in Maryland. Oh how I miss her. How I miss her kind words and loving gestures. The one thing about leaving here is knowing I will once again be with her. I still feel her love for me though she is gone. I still feel her influence on my life and thoughts. I knew her by heart.


Judith HeartSong said...

"I knew her by heart".... that is the way I felt about my Aunt Mickey...... more of a mother-figure than my mother ever was. The flowers in your header... is the one bleeding hearts? I am trying to remember if that is the right name... we had them beside the front porch of a house that I lived in as a child.... I would LOVE to plant some here and will have to visit Behnke's Nursery. Nelle, I am thinking of you.

alphawoman said...

I love the pics of the flowers. I am thinking about planting my tomatoes today. well, I am going to put them in big containers and find a large wagon to haul them around the yard. Can't wait to get dirty. glad you are feeling better and the drugs are working.