Thursday, March 08, 2012

Random Thoughts

I am actually in my bed on the laptop. I am freezing despite the fact that the heat is about 72. I have been laying here thinking (unable to fall back asleep) that my life could have inspired a Dickens novel. He had a little Nell in one of his novels. What about a follow up, years later she has a baby and three years later has cancer. She survives that but ends up widowed. (Don't think anyone other than royalty could have divorced back then.) She finds love again only to learn that she has a fatal lung disease. Somewhere in there would be the chapter where she is sick and has so many specialists she doesn't know which to call. She is so frustrated that she almost never goes out anymore that she begins to think she is Miss Haversham. I can almost picture the book jacket: Victorian style dress and bonnet but wearing an oxygen cannular. On her dress is embroidered a scarlet letter, an elegant script with the letter N. I think this could be a best seller, at least get Oprah's endorsement.

I saw my lung doctor two days ago. Actually, the one I am so attached to, Dr. G wasn't available to see me that day as it's one of the days she's not in the office so I saw her associate, Dr. F. This guy was damn cute for a doctor. If you watch the new Hawaii Five O he's like Danny but actually nicer looking. When they took my oxygen level it was low....low like you need to be on it 24/7 which I now am again. At least for the next few weeks. I have a cough and a lowgrade fever and chills. My lungs felt very tight. They did an xray at the radiology place but haven't heard anything, which I assume is good news. Bad news travels fast. He prescribed the drugs they give me for pneumonia and my lungs sounded okay but he thinks I might have a bad bronchitis which can easily turn into the dreaded p for me.
I have been babying myself all week. Not doing much of anything. It's not hard to take to a chair or your bed when you are sporting a 90 foot oxygen hose. This hose is long enough for me to come upstairs in my bedroom with. I shouldn't complain because oxygen makes me feel so much better. It's just that right now I still feel cold and sick.
Rob is working late all week. My mother has somewhat redeemed herself having come over here the one day and she took me to the lung doctor the other day. She also went out and picked us up salads for lunch one day. Honestly eating is the last thing on my mind right now but I have to eat something or the meds give me nausea. Folks, when I have a strawberry cheesecake sitting in my fridge and I feel like it's too much trouble to get a piece, I am sick. My mother called and said she will bring lunch if I tell her what I want. There's really nothing that even sounds good to me right now. Well, going to go downstairs and grab a hot cup of tea.

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alphawoman said...

Nelle, you make me want to come over and put my arms around you.