Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Day Before Friday

Even though I know longer work, I love Fridays. Why? Because that means Rob will be home for two days (providing he isn't working Saturdays which he does every time they offer it.) After knowing Rob for twelve years I still enjoy his company. He never complains and always has a positive attitude. I am more of a realist and sometimes I need someone to point out the good a second time after I have evaluated the situation with both good and bad. Rob keeps me wanting to fight. At times I am tired of the fight. Remember that my first cancer was over thirty years ago. Since then I have had a few years where things went smoothly but it's been a battle of one sort or another. Honestly, this battle with the PAH and the fluid retention has been one of the most difficult things I have had to deal with. At this time last year I was in dire straights. It took about until May to realize that I had what would end up being 4 litres of fluid (about a gallon) in my chest. That was removed twice. Since then, I have battled with the fluid. When I have the fluid it interferes with the PH medicine working. I eat almost no salt but the problem persists because your heart is a pump and mine is not working properly. Most people who have heart issues have them either in the right or left side. Both sides of my heart have problems. It makes treating anything more complicated.

I want to get a box mailed off today to Rob's sister and her two young sons. We hadn't sent them anything for Christmas and since their birthdays are here I decided to send an Easter/birthday box. I think that will mean more to them than getting something at Christmas when they have so much then. Not many people acknowledge their birthdays as they live in the south away from her family.

Yesterday's mail brought many smiles to my face. My mother-in-law sent us a lovely card and money to go out to dinner for Easter. My friend, Dee, sent me a book and card and I received a card to test drive a Toyota and get a $50 prepaid credit card. I'll take it! That will give me a tank of gas. My friend and fellow blogger Mary has been sending me snail mail cards that brighten my days. Although I love email there is something about holding a tangible card in your hand that feels more personal. I miss that.

I am working on a fund raising project for the Pulmonary Hyptertension Association. It's a "no show tea." I have made a simple invitation which gets mailed to invitees with a tea bag. I sent an invitation to one friend who has already responded with a donation in my honor. I am doing this for Mother's Day to honor the mothers who have this disease. I learned, through my online chat, that some women develop this during their pregnancy. Once they have it they are not supposed to have more children since their life expectancy is lowered and it would take a toll on their health. Imagine having an infant and being told you have only two to three years to live. I want to try to raise public awareness about this disease which only one in a million people get. There are many doctors who feel that more people have it but because of the common symptoms (shortness of breath, fatigue) it is undiagnosed. Often it is secondary to another disease such as heart or autoimmune disease. IF you would like to receive an invitation to the Mother's Day Tea please email me your snail addy by using the email link on this page. I will be happy to send you an invitation. I know we are in economic hard times and for many this is not something you can consider. For any who can and choose to participate, thank you.

Have a great weekend.

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alphawoman said...

Send me one! I'll help out. Thank you for the shout out. Anyonw who knows you loves you Nelle!