Sunday, March 25, 2012

Being Understood

I have been chatting online in chat rooms and attended a webinar and made a PHriend who really knows what I am going through. We talked on Friday and I felt better. I am having great difficulty sleeping. I can't turn my brain off. My friend explained the first few years were the worst for her. Now she has meds that have been working for her. She thinks it is probably for the best if they change my medicine and the proposed medicine is one that has worked well for her.

I realize how much I lost when I lost my job. I was focused on the financial impact only the first several months. Now I realize that I lost many of my friends and my social life for the most part. I really miss some of my coworkers. They try to stay in touch. I still get emails and texts. It's just not the same.

I am trying to think about yardwork for the spring. I can't do much physical work anymore. I can get help from my son with planting and digging. He was here yesterday tuning up the lawn mower. I am hoping it will be a good distraction. We shall see.

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I am glad you are making the time to do webinars and chatrooms. Finding PHriends who really know what you're going through, must be a BIG comfort. I'm sure talking and comparing notes on your illness, makes a difference emotionally. I hope the medicines that have helped your PHriend can help you too. Losing the support of your colleagues has had a negative impact on your well being I'm sure. I know you MUST miss the daily interaction. So sad, they do not stop by to visit. I think sitting outside and focusing on your yard is the perfect distraction. ENJOY the warm sunshine. Take care.