Sunday, May 15, 2011

Have Tank will Travel

This constant drizzly weather with no sun is really getting to me. Today I am going out to a store and buy something. I have no idea what I will buy but I need some retail therapy. Really I do.

When Rob is with me it's just so much easier. Even though I have the handicapped parking pass often the walk from there into the store is a long one. Rob will drop me off at the door where I will find a cart and place the 7 lb. oxygen tank inside the seat meant for a child. My purse goes in there also. Then, with slight leaning on the cart I can shop. I really wish I knew of a creative way to dress the tank. It's in a black laptop type carrier. I am finally used to people staring at it and I heard someone murmur something about smoking to their shopping partner. Hmmm I wish they would have asked me what was wrong. Not everyone using oxygen was a four pack a day smoker.
My knee has pain from the NUSTEP machine and five minutes on the treadmill. Ibuprofen helps. I am thinking of ordering a custom bumper sticker that says "Girls with oxygen rock" or something like that. Suggestions will be given serious consideration. I have decided the best way to handle it is with humor. If you can't laugh at yourself you're in serious trouble.

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Here are some suggestions-

"If there is oxygen, then we can breathe."

"Oxygen - you never notice it until it is missing."

"If everyone breathed at the same time, in this town, you'd run out of oxygen."

"I'm suffering from oxygen deprivation."

"Some people can suck all the oxygen out of a room."

"I CRAVE oxygen."

"I love putting on air(s)."