Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breathless in Jersey

Since Monday I have been experiencing the worst shortness of breath yet. I called my lung doctor Tuesday and she had me go for a chest x ray (thinking that the fluid was already back.) I had to have someone drive me there as I couldn't make it into the building alone. They told me to go right home that my doctor would be calling me. When I arrived home the doctor called but told me although there was a small amount of fluid, there was a new pneumonia brewing. Thankfully we caught it early. She called in antibiotics for me and I am doing four nebulizer treatments each day as well. I had to crank up the oxygen a bit. If I sit perfectly still I am okay but the minute I move I can feel the difficulty I have breathing. I am so exasperated. I had an episode where I was going to go to the pharmacy alone and became overwhelmed with panic when I got in the car with the portable tank but couldn't catch my breath. Rob stayed home from work today to take me to the doctor's. I don't know what she will say or do. I just know that not being able to breathe has become a real source of anxiety. I hope to get some help/answers today. It finally stopped raining and perhaps if the humidity lowers that alone will make a difference.

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Thank goodness they caught the pneumonia and have you back on antibiotics. You're in my prayers. The humidity is aggravating my husbands ability to breathe too. Let's hope it drops off a bit so you can function better. Hang in there.