Saturday, February 19, 2011

UPDATE on previous post

Have been taking my medicine at the much higher dose and with another medicine added to it and I am breathing oh so much better :)
IT is absolutely wonderful to be able to walk to another room without stopping to catch my breath on the way. I cannot put into words the relief I feel.

Weather reversed itself from 70 to about 30 and very windy but still sunny.

I am going to be making a cake (from scratch) that my sister-in-law, Leslie, made. It was scrumptious. It was called harvest cake but she and now I refer to it as apple cake. It has fresh apples and nuts and a light carmel glaze. My kind of cake. I get to use my new mixer. Leslie got a red one for Valentine's Day and named her Ruby. She called last night and asked me what I had named mine. Ummm nothing. She said well then she will be Olive. Yes she is green although more of an apple than an olive but she was so enthusiastic about naming her that I will keep Olive l0l.

I am joyous for the first time in weeks. I can breathe. Something most of us take for granted everyday but when you can't do it, trust me, it's major. Have a wonderful weekend. Spring is around the corner.



Had to smile over your mixer name. How sweet. That cake sounds yummy too. It always tastes better when it's from scratch, don't you think? Glad you are breathing easier, Let's hope it stays that way. Take care.

Ronni Gordon said...

So glad you feel better. Breathing sure helps!

Missie said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better. You know what? I'm starting to smile a little more too.

Have a great week.