Friday, February 18, 2011

So much going on............

Yesterday was a crazy day. It started with me getting a CT scan of my chest to see how the pneumonia was clearing up. When they went to lay me down I was gasping for breath and the technician got upset. I assured here this has been happening for a week and she proceeded after agreeing that I could not elevate my legs on the wedge. When it was done a doctor came in the room looking very serious and began to ask a lot of questions about my heart surgery. I could tell something was wrong but I wasn't really eager to hear about it so I got my DVD copy for the doctor and left. I then went to the eyeglass place to have my new lenses cut for my existing frames. I have to tell you that I have terrible vision and now need progressives. I went to THREE places to price just the lenses and each place sold the same manufacturer and the price was consistently $550.00 just for the lenses! I had to have them. While they were putting the new lenses in I drove and got myself a diet soda. The weather was beautiful and I tried to soak it in. I returned, picked up the glasses and headed home. There was no phone message from the doctor so I was thinking maybe I misread the doctor (which I rarely do.) The mailman delivered my new laptop battery which I had waited weeks for. We had some leftovers for dinner and then I heard the cell phone ring but couldn't get to it before the house phone began ringing and my lung doctor was calling. It seems I have fluid and plenty of it: in and around my lungs. She said I had to up my lasix, doubling it and take potassium with it. I also needed to call the cardiologist and make him aware of this.

I had to run to the hospital this morning for a blood test. Did that and made it home before 9 a.m. when all the phone calls began. I need dr. a to fax this to dr. b etc. They all need copies of things that each has done. I need to see all of them next week.

I don't know where I am....what is the real problem: heart or lungs or perhaps both to some degree. It's scary but I've been dealing with it for nearly two years now. I want answers but they seem so slow in coming. These are not the first doctors who have tried to solve this. Half a dozen of each specialty have seen me. I am following their orders and taking it easy. I really have no choice.

I am trying to keep my mind in a peaceful place and assuring myself that this will get resolved and life will go on. I just want to be able to walk without struggling for breath. Patience grasshopper.

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