Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Day Out

Today I went on my rescheduled eye appointment. It was originally to have been when I was in the hospital a few weeks ago. I needed a visual field test, pictures of my optic nerves and the thorough exam. I arrived at 2;30 and wasn't taken in until three. They were having problems with the machine that takes the pictures of the eyes. I did the visual field first and then they took the pictures which took forever to print out. I then waited about another twenty minutes before I saw my eye doctor. I believe I actually whined to him about being so very tired and explaining this was my first trip out on my own and that the handicapped parking was not available and I had to walk a long way into the building. This is not like me. He has treated me for years and said that he was a little concerned and offered to walk me out. I did order new lenses for my frames that I have. My eyes are so bad and I wear progressives. The lenses will be $600.00. I had priced them three places and all were the same. The cheaper places like Lens Crafters will not make my lenses. It will take about two weeks to get them. My reading prescription had changed a lot causing me problems when I tried to read.

I had made a list this morning of what I was going to do. As I climbed back into the car I decided that I had to scrap that plan. I just couldn't push myself. I was exhausted and needed to curl up somewhere. The fatigue is still with me and I need several naps a day. The coughing has improved somewhat. I still wake up every night several times. I am either sweating, having bad dreams or need more water. We are expecting some rain/snow tonight. I have to call my internist in the morning and see if she can squeeze me in. I found lumps in my stomach. I believe they are from the injections of Lovenox I gave myself but I need to make sure. They are painful and if I roll on them while trying to sleep, they are waking me up.

I keep giving myself pep talks. Sometimes they help and at other times I wind up making myself angry. I just want to be better. I guess I am better, I want to have enough stamina to do something and enjoy myself. I did bundle our tv, internet and phone. We went with FIOS and now have tons of free channels for the next three months. Every couch potato's dream: constant programming.

The doctors agree that I am getting repeat bouts of pneumonia because of not having my spleen. My immune system is weakened by that and age will also factor into that. There is no fix. All I can do is be careful to avoid sick people which is nearly impossible. The key is to get EARLY medical attention once it is clearly becoming pneumonia. Most likely I will need weeks of IV antibiotics each time. Oral medication doesn't seem to work any longer. When I am feeling better I am going to try to research and see if there is anyway I can try to improve my immune system. I do eat lots of foods which contain vitamins and natural chemicals but perhaps there are more.

Looks like my ativan is kicking in and I will be going back to sleep now. Sweet dreams.



The cost of lenses and frames, nowadays, is ridiculous. But what can we do, if we need glasses? I wish all of this other stuff, medically, wasn't happening to you. But with a weakened immune system you are just too vunerable. Try to remain strong emotionally. You're in my thoughts.

Ronni Gordon said...

Hurray for Ativan.

Glad you at least got some fresh air. Hang in there. This too shall pass. (My father loved saying that.)