Friday, February 13, 2009

Taking Control of My Health

Last night as I left my doctor's office I had a lot to think about. She said she thought I would benefit from some temporary disability time off from work. Thing is, I am literraly tethered to a computer and phone system at work. Yes, when calls are slow, we get some time off but for the most part it's a very confining situation. The past few months I have been horribly exhausted and felt lightheaded and distracted much of the time. My boss called me for a pow wow and said my numbers were not what they had been. Not surprising when you look at the overall picture but companies are not in the business of letting you not work when you don't feel well. Today I went to HR and made the necessary arrangements to go out for TDI on Monday.
The sad part is that I will get sixty per cent of my salary. That's not a lot. Of couse I won't be using gas and won't have some expenses that I do have working. As nervous as I am while trying to do this while my husband is on unemployment, I felt I must. The diabetes has not responded well to the first round of medicine, my dose has been doubled now. My blood pressure, although on a diaretic and two other medicines, remains quite high. I deffinitely need some time to relax, get these things in order and remember to breathe.
Tomorrow I am going to a nutritionist who is going to figure out just what I can eat. Carbs, obviously, must be limited. While in the grocery store it's amzing how many things get ruled out already. Weight control products are so salt laden, another thing I must avoid. I need an education by the nutritionist and I am hoping that my weight will drop as my glucose level does. Of course it would be Valentine's Day tomorrow. Godiva chocolate, I doubt we will ever be friends again. I loved you so but living is more important. For all of those who can indulge I salute you.
Happy Valentines Day to all. I wish you a day filled with love and joy.


Virginia said...

" The past few months I have been horribly exhausted and felt lightheaded and distracted much of the time."

When you get the diabetes under control you are going to feel a whole lot better. Always tired and mentally slow was I felt for many months before I was diagnosed.

Your nutritionist, if she/he is any good will also teach you that not all carbs are created equal, and the plan isn't just to avoid carbs (which are a necessary part of survival) but which carbs to eat and in what combinations with fats and proteins. You can't eat just protein and fat, that's not healthy either. Complex carb are better than simple ones as they take longer to digest (and proteins and fats also slow down the digestion of carbs), and adding fiber to the mix is the best way to go (fiber takes longer to digest, slows down the whole digestive process and thus keeps your glucose peak lower and more drawn out).

Make sure your nutritionist is smart. They can teach you a lot.

Good luck. Don't think about the foods you have to avoid, think about all the good food you can still have. (Chocolate is highly over rated, and there are sugar free options for that too!)



IndigoSunMoon said...

I'm so sorry your going through all of this. I truly am. I wish there was something I could do to help, but there isn't. Follow your doctor's instructions and the nutritionist, and have Faith. Your gonna conquer this thing.
I love you dear friend.

Missie said...

I hope you feel better the next few weeks as you relax.