Sunday, February 15, 2009

Struggling with Multiple Issues

Yesterday I went to the nutritionist and learned a lot about how to manage carbs. I was so encouraged and feeling much better. A comment from Virginia and an email from my friend Barbara who is diabetic, helped my spirits. Sometimes when you know someone else is going through your same ordeal you don't feel so alone. My ever caring Rob took me to the supermarket where I wanted to pick up something for dinner and lots of fresh veggies. I have learned that the fruit snacks I thought were healthy were really working against me. We picked up some steaks for a special Valentines Day dinner and some necessary items when I suddenly felt very weak. I thought for certain I was going to pass out right there. (Have I mentioned my fear of passing out in public, which has happened on more than one occassion?) I grabbed some nuts and began to munch on them thinking that would help, it usually does. I left Rob with the cart at the check out and stumbled to a bench and tested my blood. The problem was not there so I was stumped. We got home as quickly as possible when I asked Rob (now performing medical duties) to check my blood pressure.

I felt so shaky I could barely make it into the house and a chair. I was shocked to see it was 67/60. I immediately called the internist but since it was Saturday, late morning I got the service. They got a message to her and about an hour later she called back. She was very concerned. I had now had a nice cup of tea and a few glasses of water because I knew the numbers being that close together meant I was dehydrated. She asked me to take it again and she would call me back. I did and now about an hour and a half later, it rose to 110/70. That is a good pressure but you have to realize that for the past month my bottom number has never been below 100. That is why I was prescribed TWO blood pressure meds and a diuretic. Folks, it is quite scary to feel that weak. I am happy to report that by bedtime my bp was up to 137/70 and it was the same this morning. Perhaps the diabetic meds are causing it to be lower than normal. Tomorrow morning I have to go back there and they want to take it. I want to make sure I do not experience that again. I keep thinking had I been alone I would have been in big trouble. Rob is always my guardian angel and he never acts annoyed or inconvenienced. This is such a drastic change from my former spouse who could never be bothered and complained if I woke him up when I was sick. I never knew anyone could be so supportive and I appreciate the many things Rob does for me each and every day.

We ended up sending out for Chinese food. I rarely eat it because of he salt and my blood pressure so I seized the opportunity. I did watch my carbs though.

Tonight we had the steaks and they were quite good. I have to plan out meals to be certain now that I don't have too many carbs.

With Valentines I think about love a lot. Once Oprah said "Love is not a word, it's a behavior." That is so true and it is so wonderfully delicious to feel loved. Thank you Rob for that, above all else. I cherish you.

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alphawoman said...

That is so sweet. I am so sorry to hear about your scare in the supermarket. Unorthadox (sp?...haha) way to get Chinese!!