Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting Things in Order PC Wise

I finally dumped AOL after paying them for years. The past year it had caused me many problems. The constant downloads froze up my computer and numerous attempts with their techs to fix it finally consumed so much of my time I couldn't take it anymore. Today we went to Best Buy and bought Webroot Internet Security which they recommend over the others. I was not about to pay Verizon another $6 a month when I am already paying them $49 for internet service. I am going to bundle up and investigating the cable vs fios prices. I must say since uninstalling AOL and the other virus programs I seem to be running so much smoother.
We were expecting snow today but it was warm and we had a light rain on and off. We got a lot accomplished around the house. Rob is helping me to put all my favorite quotes from various notebooks into one nice one. I am trying to get all that I can organized. I cleaned out my beside table and found a book I had forgotten I had. This week I have already read a Jodi Piccoult book, Change of Heart. Last week I had read another one and right now I am reading one of Mitch Albom's books that I discovered this morning. Being out of work gives me the wonderful luxury of reading. When working full time I simply have little time to read. I have a busy week filled with three doctor visits and I look forward more and more to having the issues resolved that I am experiencing. I have found that if my glucose is too low or my blood pressure is too low I am unable to tell the difference. In either case I get light headed and shakey. I have to be able to get this sorted out and resolved before I can return to work.


Missie said...

Why would you pay for aol all this time? It's been free for a year or more. If you already have high speed, just dowload the latest version of AOL. No cost.

Nelle said...

I wanted the virus protection which doesn't come with the free version. However, when I downloaded AOL in ALL versions it made my computer slow down and run horribly then I was never able to sign into it. I used to go in a chat room and I had friends there that I spoke to on occassion. Now I won't be able to do that.