Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Thoughts for Today

Life changes so much from day to day. On Sunday my brother's dog who seemed fine the day before went into a diabetic coma. He was gone within hours. The following day they couldn't stand the emptiness of their home and they adopted another little Boston Terrier and named him Jake. Today I got to meet and hold Jake. It was bittersweet because it reinforced that Harley was gone. Still, I choked back my tears to welcome my new friend to our family.
I came home and learned that Dana Reeves had lost her battle with lung cancer. This has really shaken me up. Firstly, Christopher and Dana both seemed to be such humanitarians. They worked feverishly to help others and offered support to many. I found myself asking God why he could let this happen to their young 13 year old son. There are just times I have no answers and this is one of them. On Sunday morning, a friend of mine from online lost his wife, a bit older, to lung cancer also. She had battled it for quite some years and they were able to celebrate their 50th anniversary last Fall. I worry that he will be okay without her.
Yesterday I read on a message board that our J-Land friend Pam had two brain tumors. One was to be operated on right away which was noon our time. I had a knot in my stomach thinking about her today. I checked the message board many times and tonight her sister posted that she had come out of surgery and was in ICU. Pam is the mother of two teenagers. Please keep her in your prayers in the days to come. Pam has been battling lung cancer for about six months I believe. She has kept a journal to keep us informed until recently when her thoughts became too confused with her words and typing. We have missed her tremendously and eagerly await her return. So tonight I am thinking of many people who are hurting, physically and emotionally. Sometimes life is so hard. The only way to get through is with the thoughts and prayers of others and love from the ones who surround us. I am so grateful to have all of that. We miss and love you Pam. I pray that somehow you will feel that tonight and make your way back to us.

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IndigoSunMoon said...

I was so upset when I heard about Dana Reeve. Such a young vibrant woman. What a loss.
I was so relieved to hear that Pam made it out of surgery. I pray that she will be back to us soon...and cancer free.
Love you Nelle,